The Science of Hydration: How 5 Weights of Hyaluronic Acid Can Transform Your Skin

hyaluronic acid
Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team


Apr 28, 2023

Aussie skincare brand Ella Baché has released a new game-changing product – their Hyaluronic Intensive Treatment Booster. The serum perks up dull skin using 5 different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid, giving you powerful restoration when your skin is feeling dehydrated. The varying molecular weights give the serum extra potency, so you can expect transformative results.

We spoke with Ella Baché Skincare Expert and National Training Manager, Gina Cook, about how we can best integrate the serum into our skincare routines.

How do you best use the Hyaluronic Intensive Treatment Booster?

You can apply morning and night for seven consecutive days as a monthly hydration booster for when your skin needs hydration most. Directly after cleansing, apply 1-2 drops over the face and neck before using your regular serum moisture protection for extra hydration and restoration.

What benefit does it bring to your skin?

Hyaluronic Acid, and more specifically, five weights of Hyaluronic Acid is the key player to keep the skin hydrated and plumped – designed to target multiple layers of the complexion. With a well-hydrated barrier function, it acts as the gatekeeper to skin health, and with the Ella Bache Hyaluronic Intensive Treatment Booster hydrating at every layer, it leaves skin smooth, plump and glowing. When using our new Hyaluronic Intensive Treatment Booster you can expect hydration in the deepest layers of the skin, sealed in with your regular active treatment serum and daily moisture protection, it allows for a completely hydrated and protected complexion well into the winter months.

hyaluronic acid

What products should you use it with?

The Hyaluronic Intensive Treatment Booster is beneficial for all skins and skin solutions – to consistently replenish hydration as Hyaluronic Acid is an ingredient that hold up to a thousand times its weight in water, and will bind naturally to our own Hyaluronic Acid in our skin. In short, it’s a sure thing to keep our skin ultimately hydrating and plumped.

What are your top tips for a great skincare routine?

  1. It all starts with cleansing, as it keeps the skin balanced and normalised. I recommend checking in with an Ella Bache Therapist to ensure you are using the right products for your skin, as incorrect cleansing can cause cascading effect of varying skin conditions – from dehydration to sensitivity.
  1. If the surface of your skin is unbalanced, it is not as receptive to absorbing products, like your new HA Booster.
  1. Using a pure Hyaluronic Acid, such as Ella Bache’s Hyaluronic Intensive Treatment Booster increases the absorption of your treatment serum, containing active ingredients that have been designed to target specific skin concerns.


By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team


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