Four New L’Oreal Paris Products We Low-Key Can Not Wait to Try

New L’Oreal Paris Products Erin Holland, Ellie Gonsalves and Laura Dundovic
Marie-Antoinette Issa

Lifestyle Writer

Apr 05, 2024

From groundbreaking cosmetics to transformative skincare and haircare, the latest release of four new L’Oreal Paris products, (and the sophisticated Parisian-inspired party packed with Aussie A-listers to celebrate), has got excited about all things beauty once again! 

To mark the occasion, the brand – which has pioneered science in beauty for more than 110 years, and draws on the research of 4,000 scientists to do so! –  hosted a VIP soiree at Sydney’s Reign restaurant on April 3rd and 4th. An event that transported guests to a night of Parisian luxury, where they had the opportunity to experience the latest Loreal Paris innovations firsthand. Over 140 of the country’s most influential beauty personalities, media, brand ambassadors and VIP guests attended the event. These included notable figures like models Erin Holland, Ellie Gonsalves and Laura Dundovic (pictured above). Married at First Sight alumni such as Domenica Calarco, Evelyn Ellis and Duncan James. And professional makeup artists, like Chris Scortez. From interactive experiences to masterclasses, guests had the chance to trial, test, and learn about the science behind beauty. Including the fab four products below.

New L’Oreal Paris Products 
Evelyn Ellis and Duncan James
Other guests at the star-studded soiree celebrating the launch of four new L’Oreal Paris products included Duncan James and Evelyn Ellis

1. Picture perfect lashes with Panorama Mascara

Prepare to elevate your lash game with L’Oreal Paris Panorama Mascara. This viral volumising mascara – Kendall Jenner is a fan – promises to deliver corner-to-corner panoramic lash volume, making your eyes appear up to 1.4 times bigger. The secret lies in its multi-level bristle brush, which evenly coats and fans out all lash types for maximum volume. Say goodbye to clumps and smudges because Panorama Mascara is clump-free, smudge-proof, and suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Get ready to bat those lashes with confidence!

New L'Oreal Paris Products  Panorama Mascara.

2. Shining the light on Dark Spots with Bright Reveal

Dark spots be gone! The L’Oreal Paris Bright Reveal range included a dermatologist-validated serum designed to visibly reduce pigmentation, including post-acne marks, sunspots, and age spots. Powered by a potent 12% Niacinamide Dark Spot Serum, this skincare superhero can reduce dark spots by an impressive 77% in just eight weeks. For optimal results, pair it with L’Oreal Paris Dark Spot 25% Niacinamide Exfoliant Peel to brighten and renew your skin. Say hello to a brighter, more radiant complexion!

New L'Oreal Paris Products Bright Reveal Serum

3. Give Glycolic Gloss a go

Give your hair the royal treatment it deserves with the Elvive Glycolic Gloss haircare range from L’Oreal Paris. This at-home glossing routine features a lineup of sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner, lamination treatment, and leave-in serum infused with 14% gloss complex and Glycolic Acid. These powerful ingredients penetrate the hair fiber, improving shine, smoothness, and strength for healthy-looking hair. Experience the ultimate hair transformation with Elvive Glycolic Gloss!

New L'Oreal Paris Products Elvive Glycolic Gloss

4. Lipstick that really lasts

Finally, if you love a lip that actually lasts, the L’Oreal Paris Matte Resistance Liquid Lipstick is set to become your new LFF (Lip friend forever). This innovative formula offers up to 16 hours of long-lasting lightweight matte tint for your lips. So, you can say goodbye to smudges and transfers. Plus, its infused with hyaluronic acid, and provides a hydrating feel, ensuring your lips stay comfortable all day long. With 17 shades to choose from, there’s a Matte Resistance colour for every skin tone and occasion.

New Loreal Paris Products Matte Resistance Liquid Lipstick


By Marie-Antoinette Issa

Lifestyle Writer

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