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trans-seasonal skincare
Shonagh Walker

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Apr 11, 2021

Trans-seasonal skincare can be tricky, as often the weather can swing from hot and humid, to cold and dry. To compensate – and to ensure you have complexion perfection year round, we chatted to Marionne de Candia, supermodel ” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Elle McPherson’s fave Aussie facialist and creator of cosmeceutical skincare line Medi Skinsaver, for her top tips.

Marionne has been iconic in skincare circles for years, as both a facialist and spa consultant, as well as collaborating to create some highly effective cosmeceutical skincare collections.

Elle McPherson is a regular with Marionne whenever possible when she’s in town, and has recently taken to Instagram to rave about Marionne’s latest launch, Medi Skinsaver, with another unforgettable beauty icon, Gucci Westman.


In the video, Elle raves in particular about how prepping the skin from both the inside and outside is paramount. She runs through the range and its benefits, stressing that it’s “clean beauty … super efficient and not very expensive” as well as being amazing for sun damage. Which makes it perfect for year-round dermal care, but in particular, for trans-seasonal skincare.

There’s so much more to the range than simply cleansing and moisturising and there’s really nobody better to explain than the creator herself, Marionne!

Marionne’s Tips For Trans-seasonal Skincare

“At this time of year, our skin is typically exposed either to much cooler, drier air, or air that is humid and hot, as the weather settles itself into the next season” says Marionne. “In addition, we tend to spend more time indoors in heated or cooled air conditioning. These factors working together can easily lead to an unbalanced complexion – either oily and congested/troubled, or dry, dehydrated or trapped.”

Marionne says its of utmost importance to concentrate on the outer layer of the skin – the epidermis – when caring for trans-seasonal skin.

“Also known as the stratum corneum, the epidermis is responsible for the maintenance of healthy moisture levels in the skin. It was once considered as little more than a layer of dead cells to be removed via exfoliation. However, these days we understand that it is actually live tissue and vital to the overall health of the skin.

“Its role as a protective, cushioning barrier should be kept front of mind when choosing your skincare routine. Do everything you can to nourish and support this barrier, and not to strip it away with harsh chemicals, soaps, scrubs and exfoliants,” warns Marionne.

Transeasonal Skin
Aesthetician Marionne De Candia and her skincare collection MediSkinsave, are favourites of Elle McPherson.


“Start with a gentle cleanser,” advises Marionne, “and never fall into the trap of over cleansing. The notion that you need to scrub all the oil from your pores is outdated and only leads to irritated, sensitised skin. Use warm, not hot, water and leave the cleanser on for a brief time only. Be gentle and if you use a face washer, dab rather than wipe.

“Apply a serum containing the B vitamins niacinamide (B3) and panthenol (B5), such as Medi SkinSaver Vitamin B Serum, immediately after cleansing and whilst your skin is still moist,” advises Marionne. “Recent studies have underscored the important role these two B vitamins play in the overall health of your skin. Their main actions are to energise the skin and improve overall hydration.”

“Do not allow your skin to dry out before applying,” stresses Marionne. “Your skin should not feel tight at any stage of your routine. After your B serum apply a layer of moisturiser, such as Medi SkinSaver Age Defying Moisturiser. This moisturiser is packed with antioxidants including Vitamin C,  Vitamin E, Hyaluronate, Coenzyme Q10 and Resveratrol.”

If your skin still feels tight and dry, add a few drops of facial oi, recommend Marionne.

Medi SkinSaver Facial Oil will help seal in the moisture and add a protective layer against harsh, dry air. This can be mixed in with your moisturiser or applied prior.”

Midday Skincare

With the change of seasons, it can be helpful to add a lunchtime element to your skincare routine. “It simply involves topping up your moisture levels with a quick reapplication of your moisturiser,” says Marionne. “This addition is naturally most practical for those not wearing makeup, which should be your end goal regardless. Healthy, glowing skin shouldn’t be hidden under a layer of makeup.”

Trans-seasonal Evening Skincare Routine

Once you’ve cleaned the day away, reach for vitamin A serums to help strengthen skin with as little irritation as possible.

“My Medi SkinSaver Vitamin A Serum contains a new form of Vitamin A – HPR. When used correctly it produces little or no irritation. It’s highly bioavailable in its current form and needs no (potentially weakening) conversion step to be active within the cell.” 

Remember if you’re using any form of vitamin A on your skin, sunscreen during the day is a must. “Vitamin A is famous for its anti-wrinkle abilities,” says Marionne, “however if you are not a vitamin A aficionado, you can simply repeat your morning skin routine at night and substitute a B serum for the A.

“Again, follow with a layer of moisturiser and add a few drops of facial oil as required.”

Your Environment

As the weather turns cooler, and we lose humidity in the air, you may wish to consider investing in a humidifier, says Marionne. “Learn from those who live perpetually in colder climes and introduce a good humidifier into your bedroom. A humidifier increases the moisture levels in the air, helping the skin barrier to stay hydrated as you sleep.

Also remember that diet plays a vital role in your skin’s health. In winter, increase your daily intake of foods such as salmon, walnuts, olive oil and avocados to nourish your skin from within as well as without. And of course, always stay hydrated by drinking plenty of pure water. Elle has always said she drinks three litres of purified water each day.

“I drink lots of water. It’s the Number One thing. I’ve always drunk three litres of water a day. It hydrates the body. It flushes out the system. It is great for maintaining weight and keeping the body functioning really well. It is great for the texture of your skin. My moods. Everything. And then sleep. It’s not so much what I put on the outside of my body, it is what I put inside.”

And of course, she drinks her own @welleco SUPER ELIXIR Greens with it daily.

“Beauty comes from within,” says the wellness entrepreneur. “If you look after the inside – that means emotionally, spiritually, nutritionally – it will show on the outside. 

“I take two teaspoons of SUPER ELIXIR in water daily for its horsetail and dandelion (for hair, skin and nails), aloe vera juice (to reduce skin inflammation) and grapeseed extract (antioxidants that pack a punch at fighting free radicals). Try two teaspoons every day for 30 days to see and feel the difference.”

Other skincare go-to’s that Elle swears by are just as simple. Her go-to, favourite beauty product is budget beauty buy Lucas Paw Paw Ointment. “If the kids hurt themselves, I put on the Paw Paw. If my lips are dry, I put on the Paw Paw. If my cuticles are dry, if I want a bit of shine on my cheeks and I don’t have my gloss, I put on the Paw Paw! I use it on the tops of my eyelids, to highlight the brow bone.”

“No matter what season of the year, your skin needs to be nurtured, supported and protected. Be kind to it and it will reward you in turn,” says Marionne.


By Shonagh Walker

Lifestyle Writer

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