Dermatologist Dr Nina Wines’s Advice On A Healthy Daily Skin Routine

Dr Nina Wines
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Jan 12, 2022

Sydney-based Dermatologist Dr Nina Wines shares her best advice for a healthy daily skin routine and talks about the benefits of Clinique Smart Clinical Repair Wrinkle Correcting Serum.

What’s your best advice for a healthy daily skin regime?

I am like a broken record when I say consistency is the key. It is never too late to start caring for your skin. Don’t over complicate your routine and avoid harsh procedures that have minimal evidence of benefit but can cause permanent damage to your skin. Remember always that healthy skin is an outside and in thing. Meaning, what you put into your body effects the skin just as much. Your skin will tell all of your stories. If you’re not caring for yourself physically and mentally it will be written all over your skin.


Tell us about the new Clinique Smart Clinical Repair Wrinkle Correcting Serum

The new Clinique Smart Clinical Repair Wrinkle Correcting Serum is a triple-threat formula using 3 different but synergistic approaches. It includes a combination of ingredients to repair, re-plump and resurface fine lines and wrinkles.

The serum was designed with an expert panel of scientists and top dermatologists to provide visibly younger-looking skin.

What are the benefits and what is different about it?

It’s different in that has 3 arms to its action. Most creams contain ingredients focusing on just one mechanism for improving wrinkles. This serum has triple the action and results. CL1870 Peptide complex is a revolutionary selection of peptides that boost skins collagen production to strengthen the dermis. This works synergistically with hyaluronic acid to fill up wrinkles and retinoids to resurface them.

How do you use it to get the most benefit for your skin and how long does it take to see results?

Consistency is always my message. Early results can be seen as early as 10 days, but for superb results will be experienced with long term use. At 4 weeks texture will be improved but by 16 weeks studies show visible reduction in lines. That said I believe true lasting success in anything requires long term dedication. This is a cream that you could use for decades and not be disappointed.

More about Dr Nina Wines

Dr Nina Wines is the co-founder and principal dermatologist of one of Australia’s leading dermatology practices & Sydney’s largest specialist skin & laser clinic,  Northern Sydney Dermatology, she has gained a reputation for being honest, ethical, innovative and up-to-date in advances in her field.  She also regularly provides expert dermatological information to the media and is Clinique Australia’s Local Derm Pro.


By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team


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