5 Simple Ways To Take Care Of Your Skin In 2020

Emeric Brard

Lifestyle Writer

Jan 17, 2020

The start of the year is well and truly here and whatever goals we had laid out for 2020 are in motion. 

“In 2020, I want to lose weight so I’ll join a gym.” 

“In 2020, I want to eat healthier foods so I can feel better.” 

“In 2020, I want to stop smoking.” 

These are all fantastic resolutions for the new year but one that we rarely hear of is skincare. Our skin is far more than just appearance, although that is important, it also has three main purposes: protection, regulation and sensation. When our skin is poor, so too tends to be our self-esteem, our emotional state and general health. 

So in 2020, let’s make it a mission to keep our skin clear so here are five ways to get on the right track. 

1# Manage your stress levels 

relax, skincare

We live in a fast-paced, stressful world to say the least. We’re constantly running around with work, school or at home so we’re bound to be stressed out a lot of the time. When we get stressed, it’s possible we also trigger the likes of acne, rosacea, hives and eczema. 

By managing your stress levels by dedicating some time to wind down may be the difference between a breakout and silky smooth skin. 

2# Have a daily skincare routine

skincare, mask

You don’t actually have to put cucumber on your eyes…

But when it comes to skincare, consistency is key. If every day you take just a mere 5 minutes to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise your skin. If you stick to this simple routine, you’ll see a major difference in your skin. You’d be surprised how much of a glow you can get when your pores aren’t clogged up. 

3# Stay hydrated! 

skin, hydrated

They say we need to drink two litres of water per day, which seems enormous, but in reality, even one to one and a half litres of water per day would suffice in hydrating you. It would prevent you from getting dry and flaky skin throughout the day. 

4# Get your Zs

sleep, rest, skin

You’ll hear people say that they need their ‘beauty sleep’ jokingly, but there is some truth to that because when we’re sleep-deprived our body produces cortisol (stress hormone) which can cause a variety of skin problems. 

5# Have a clean diet

diet, healthy

Avoid the grab n’ go processed foods that you think is the easy option to go with. You can have your excuses…

“But, I don’t have time to prepare food in the morning.” 

Prepare it the night before; there are always solutions. Besides, you won’t regret putting in the extra time since processed foods can stir up trouble in your gut microbiome. This can cause an upset stomach, fatigue and skin issues. 

When our gut bacteria is imbalanced our immune system fights back causing inflammatory skin conditions like acne. Furthermore, a poor diet can lead to certain proteins leaking out of the gut consequently irritating the skin and causing conditions such as eczema. 

What are some of your other new year’s resolutions? Leave them down below in the comments!


By Emeric Brard

Lifestyle Writer

Emeric Brard is a writer for The Carousel and Women LoveTech.



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  4. Thank you Emeric for your easy skin care guide! Cleaning up your diet and drinking the right amount of water goes a long way towards beautiful radiant skin. Overnight masks and creams are another good way to keep your skin feeling amazing!


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