How Often To Exercise With Celebrity Trainer Luke Istomin

How Often To Exercise With Celebrity Trainer Luke Istomin
Luke Istomin

Fitness trainer

Mar 01, 2014

“It’s the million dollar question – how many workouts a week? And who better to ask than Hugh Jackman’s trainer?”

Do you feel like you exercise too little, too much or just the right amount? It’s hard to know how many workouts is right, as it depends on so many factors. This month, The Carousel’s wellness editor Amy Molloy is joined by Luke Istomin, who is the personal trainer behind Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine body. You’ll be relieved to hear, the rest of us don’t need to train every day to get results. In fact, Luke says that overtraining can make you put on weight.

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By Luke Istomin

Fitness trainer

Luke Istomin has a reputation as the personal trainer to the stars. He was single-handedly responsible for creating Hugh Jackman's impressive six pack for his role in the film Wolverine. Nicole Kidman, Joel Madden, Leonardo Di Caprio, Toby Maguire and Ricky Martin are among his famous clientele.


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