Yoga Move of the Week: Plough Pose

Trudy Vains

Yoga Expert

Jul 04, 2022

Plough pose AKA Halasana

Hala – Plough

Asana – Pose

Pose type – Upper Body Inversion.

plough pose
Plough pose

Plough pose is a full-body stretch that positions your body laying down on the floor, yet upside down with feet over head. This position offers interesting new perspectives and can be practiced before meditation, pranayama or Savasana (Corpse pose). It also provides an opportunity for more deep breathing in preparation of sleep.

Plough Pose is not specifically for beginners. Some form of practice and flexibility is required prior to attempting this pose.

The pose when practiced with poise, patience and determination, can help with releasing energy blocks and physical tension throughout your entire body.  If you suffer from backaches regularly this pose may help, it is also great for mental clarity as the pose increases blood flow to the brain.

Plough pose is different from the other poses I would usually talk about, but it has so much to offer. You’ll find yourself doing things outside of your normal movement pattern in this position, and yet somehow its very restful!

How To Get There;

  • Lay on your back, arms by your sides, palms facing down on the floor.
  • Engage your core and raise your legs to 90 degrees (straight up).
  • Keep core activated, press palms down firmly onto the floor, lift your backside up as high and as strong as you can into the air, now bring your hands to support your mid to upper back.
  • Make your spine and legs a little straighter – you are now in a shoulder stand – can you believe it!
  • Using your core, bring your toes to the floor behind your head. Make sure that your legs are straight.
  • Release your hands and place your arms on the floor, pressing palms down for support.
  • Keep your eye gaze upwards, or have eyes closed.

If you are comfortable, hold for five long breaths.

How to exit the pose –

  • Core activation is the most important part here, so make sure belly button is drawn towards your spine.
  • Arms and hands are firmly on the floor.
  • Slowly roll your body back down to the floor, as you do this your legs will be quite close to your torso area. It is necessary to be aware of your body and have good core control.
  • When you are fully on the floor, turn your palms upwards, extend legs out on the mat, and rest in Savasana.


The benefits are vast and include increased blood oxygen levels, which provide mental clarity as well physical relaxation.

  • Can aid to calm the nervous system.
  • Help with stimulating the thyroid gland.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • This calming pose reduces stress and fatigue.
  • Helps women during menopause.
  • Can be therapeutic for backaches.


Listen to your body, and avoid practicing if;

You have pre existing neck or back injury.

High blood pressure.



If this pose is not your thing right now, or have not practiced yoga before. Try legs up the wall pose, or try the first stage of plough pose;

Lay on your back, arms by your sides, palms down. Engage your core and raise your legs to 90 degrees (straight up). While there, practice using your core, stay focused on your outcome.

Always be kind to yourself, move with ease and grace. You are the most important person in your life.



By Trudy Vains

Yoga Expert

Trudy Vains is an Author, Yoga Teacher, and APP creator. Trudy’s book, 'Fused,' provides inspiration and a positive mindset in overcoming challenges. Trudy’s APP - 'Back Happy Yoga,' provides classes for mobility issues, back aches and pains, and stretches you can do at your desk.



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