How To Match Your Makeup To Your Glasses

How To Match Your Makeup To Your Glasses
Iantha Yu

Beauty Writer

Aug 23, 2021

Want to make the most out of your beauty look when you’re wearing glasses? We spoke with Maybelline NY’s Makeup Director Nigel Stanislaus on pairing your eye makeup with your frames. 

For black thick-rimmed frames

“Frames that demand a presence should be complemented with light, luminous and fresh eye makeup,” says Stanislaus.

“Avoid a really dark dramatic smoky eye look as the look can lose its impact if it’s boarded by dark frames. If you are after a little drama, focus on creating full and bold lashes.” Try Maybelline NY Mega Plush Mascara, $19.95

For clear white frames

“Light or clear frames can be extremely versatile when creating various eye looks – it allows more of a creative license, so try a colourful smokey eye or a dramatic liquid liner look.” Try Maybelline NY EyeStudio Big Eyes Light-Catching Palette in Luminous Purple, $16.95

For coloured frames

“Keep the eyes sophisticated and somewhat neutral with eyeshadow but get creative with liner here. A cat eye or a simple top liner is really effective and eye catching.” Try Maybelline NY Master Graphic Liquid Liner, $14.95

For cat-eye frames

“With cat eye or elongated glasses, a metallic eyeshadow with lots of mascara helps bring out a little drama and lay to the attitude of the frames.” Try Maybelline NY EyeStudio Color Tattoo 24H Metal Cream Gel in Barely Branded, $11.95

For semi-rimless frames

“For this look, you’d look best with smoky eyes to balance the shape of these glasses.” Try Maybelline NY ExpertWear EyeShadow Quad in Charcoal Smokes, $14.95

What’s your favourite eye makeup look? Tell us in the comments below. 



By Iantha Yu

Beauty Writer

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