How To Go Nude On Nude NYFW Style

How To Go Nude On Nude NYFW Style
Iantha Yu

Beauty Writer

Sep 28, 2015

The backstory

“The look is inspired by Elie’s inspiration for his collection, which is a futuristic nomad in the desert. She doesn’t wear tonnes of makeup but she definitely looks fresh,” said Reagan backstage at designer Elie Tahari’s NYFW show. “The catwalk downstairs is really stunning; it’s a balance of the two ideas, yet it looks amazing.”

“It is sort of harmonious and everything goes together. There is almost a monochromatic feel to it.”

Here’s how to achieve the beautifully bare look…

The skincare

It’s so important to get skin looking as perfect as possible before applying any sort of coverage on top.

“It is almost using skincare as makeup. We used different foundations to create different textures and finishes. You should really be using your skin care the same way, to really bring your natural skin through. It really makes a difference.”

The base

Shine shine shine – highlighting is bigger than ever right now.

“There isn’t any specific highlighting; it is just the skin looking really good. We used moisturisers and controlled the shine, so that when the cheeks do come through it’s a natural highlight.”

The eyes

Don’t forget about your peepers too.

“We ended up using Bobbi’s Nude On Nude Palette ‘Nude On Nude Palette’ for the eyes because it is a perfect blend for anyone. You can either use a deeper tone or a lighter tone, whichever you choose, it will be perfect for your skin colouring.”


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By Iantha Yu

Beauty Writer

Iantha Yu is a journalist that specializes in writing and styling beauty, health and lifestyle content. She firmly believes that good skincare, a bright lippie, or good quality false eyelashes can change your life (or at least your mood for the day).


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