Sharon Farrell & Iantha Yu Reveal Their Fave Longwear Makeup Products

Sharon Farrell

Nov 04, 2015

Watch our video with beauty editors Sharon and Iantha on their favourite longwearing makeup products.

Sharon: So if you are anything like us and have oily skin then you probably understand how hard it is sometimes to get your makeup to last. So, today we are going to share some of our favourite products for keeping on your makeup that little bit longer.

So one of my absolute Holy Grail products is eye shadow primer and I really love this one. It is by NARS, and it is fantastic because it comes with a doe foot applicator so you literally just swipe it on and then wipe it in with your fingers.

Eye shadow primer, if you have never used it, it is life changing. It literally just creates this seal on your eyelid; it gives the eye shadow something to stick to and then it does not budge for the whole day.

One thing that I actually like to do, is pop a bit on my eyebrows, and then also under my eyes. That helps to stop my concealer from creasing and it keeps my eyebrow make up in place too.

Iantha: My top pick is Laura Mercier foundation primer, and it is a really light formula that just melts into your skin. So what I like to do is, straight after my moisturiser I pop a light layer on and then I pop my liquid foundation over the top and it just helps my foundation to stay on all day.

My secret trick is to use it as an eye shadow primer as well. I just pop a little bit on the back of my hand and then use my eye shadow brush, dip into the formula and then into the powder eye shadow and then dab it onto my eyelids. That way the shadow stays on all day. It is really good if you are doing a smoky eye because then you are going to get a more careless look.

Sharon: You actually mix the eye shadow into it…

Iantha: Yes so it makes it a bit more of a paste as well.

Sharon: I think that cream eye shadows like that, if you can make it yourself that is amazing, they give that really sultry look to the eye.

Iantha: It is a great travel product to go overseas with as well because you don’t need so many products I just use this as the single primer.

Sharon: My final product is one that I have only recently discovered but I don’t know how I have gone so long without it. it is a make up setting spray, this one is by Urban Decay, it is called the All Nighter Setting Spray, they actually have a few in the range, depending on your skin type. This is the one for oily skin.

So you it literally just does your makeup as per usual and then just spray it on. It is the loveliest thing it feels really refreshing. It takes away the powdery look of your foundation and keeps it looking fresh but it also helps to sort of seal everything in place. It just stops you from rubbing it off or from oil coming through and breaking down the makeup. Overall it is a fabulous product and very easy to use.

Iantha: I just got a whiff of that as well and it smells really nice, lavender is it?

Sharon: Could be it is really fresh and just yummy.

Iantha: I am sure that is much safer to use than hairspray, have you heard of people using that?

Sharon: I used to do makeup for weddings and I have seen many a bride take out the hairspray and start to spray her face. Just no. So bad.


By Sharon Farrell

Sharon Farrell is the star of the highly successful makeup and beauty blog, Sharon The Makeup Artist. Centred around makeup tutorials, hair tutorials and product reviews, STMA has become a trusted resource of beauty advice for women in Australia and across the globe. Sharon’s massively popular YouTube videos and blog posts get hundreds of thousands of views, making her one of Australia’s most trusted beauty bloggers. Sharon is also a contributing beauty editor for As a professional Makeup Artist, Sharon has earned a loyal following with her insider tips and tricks and step-by-step guides to recreating popular hair and makeup looks. With professional experience working with Benefit, MAC, Lancome and Clarins, Sharon now focuses on making these beauty tips accessible to the masses via her tutorials and freelance work as a Makeup Artist.


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