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Happy 18th Birthday eBay: Plus 18 Fun Facts That Will Stun You

Happy 18th Birthday eBay: Plus 18 Fun Facts That Will Stun You

eBay Australia turns 18 this month and to mark their coming of age they released some new features and 18 fun facts about how they have changed the retail landscape. 

Since launching in 1999, they have helped almost 3,000 Australians become self-made millionaires from using eBay is a sales platform.

Also, to celebrate its birthday, eBay AU will launch an ‘image search’ feature that allows customers to use photos to search by uploading them in the search bar, thereby making it easier for the people to search on the specific item. They also revealed that this functionality will be available in android and iOS app next year.

Another breakthrough feature from eBay is the ‘Guaranteed Delivery’ wherein it allows customers to filter listings by the quickness of their delivery.

18 years of Ebay

Growing Online Retail Industry

Did you know? Two billion hours have been spent on eBay in the past 18 years. And in that time, more than 228,000 years’ worth of browsing time has been spent on the site – 70 percent of this were from mobile browsing visitors.

About 3000 Australians have become self-made millionaires. One of them was Edisons’ owner, David Mills.

David Mills’ company which sells machinery and hardware is worth about $100 million. It started with just an idea of selling a pole chainsaw. He imported a shipment of tools and sold them online. Now, the company is thriving and has a warehouse of its own full of goods.

eBay Australia has around 40,000 stores, 60 million items and 90 percent of it are brand new.


18 Things about

  1. The first item sold on was a Harman Kardon amplifier
  2. There are 2923 Australian businesses that have made more than $1 million in sales on
  3. Australian coins have been the most popular collectable item over the past 18 years
  4. In 2006 someone tried to sell New Zealand for 1 cent
  5. One of the most expensive items ever sold on was a successful Fish and Chip store based in Gladstone which sold for $110,000
  6. Over the past 18 years, 2 billion hours have been spent on, which would equate to 228,000 years for one Aussie shopper
  7. In 2014 the last Ford GTF to roll off the production line was sold for $394,000 to raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation
  8. Nearly 90% per cent of Australian SMBs on eBay export globally (compared to 5 per cent of all Australian registered businesses)
  9. In 2012, The Wiggles sold their Big Red Car on for $35,700 raising money for SIDS for kids
  10. A few years ago a Perth man sold his whole life (worldly possessions) including his car, his motorbike and his house
  11. In 2016, bidders fought it out for the Kings Cross Coca-Cola sign. The lowercase ‘C’ in the word ‘Coca,’ sold for $18,700. The total money donated to Wayside Chapel by Coke and eBay was $100,700
  12. The good folks of Toowoomba have consistently been some of the most active eBay users in Australia over the past 18 years. Good on ‘em!
  13. One lucky fella was paid $17,000 for a patch of dirt from which Jon Aloissi kicked the world cup qualifying goal
  14. In 2010 Powderfinger gave a mid-air performance after their sunset farewell tour sold out immediately raising over $100,000 for charity
  15. NSW is the most patriotic state, with 30% of buyers in the state purchasing local Australian products, followed by Victoria (25 per cent) and Queensland (21 per cent)
  16. In 2016, Click and Collect grew dramatically with 800,000 sellers offering more than 4 million items
  17. Victoria and ACT are the biggest night owls staying up even later to shop than the rest of the nation and doing the majority of their shopping between 8pm – 10pm
  18. eBay threw a party to celebrate its 18th by giving an 18% storewide discount form 6-10pm AEST to shoppers on September 21, 2017.

Written by TheCarousel

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