Aussie Mums Say It’s Cheaper To Eat Junk Food Than Healthy Options

junk food cheaper than healthy
James Graham


Mar 01, 2017

Feel like you’ve got no money left once you’ve paid for your family shop?

Well, it turns out most other Australian mums are in the same boat, according to a budget survey by The Healthy Mummy, Australia’s biggest healthy-living site exclusively for mums.

Researchers polled 4000 Aussie families with kids aged 0-5, and discovered a staggering 37% had only $50 left in their pocket after food shopping for the week.

Even more alarming was the fact more than half of those surveyed believe that eating healthily is more expensive than eating junk food.

The Healthy Mummy founder Rhian Allen says: “It is very easy to get caught up in the hype of healthy food being more expensive and that can be true of pre-made meals and snacks, but being smart in the kitchen can also mean having a healthier budget!”

To prove their point, The Healthy Mummy has just launched a March budget-friendly (and healthy) weight-loss food challenge. Most meals in the program contain five or less main ingredients, with a cost per serve of $3.


Rhian adds: “Most meals have five or less main ingredients – meaning you aren’t having to buy loads of ingredients you don’t need, therefore saving money.”

The recipes for the March, 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge focus not only on healthy eating, but feeding a family on a budget.


The Healthy Mummy budget survey also revealed that 39% of mums only manage to save $100 a month, 28% put away $100 – $200 and only 2% have $1000 in their bank savings at the end of every month.

The 28 Day Challenge incorporates nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, healthy eating recipes and a huge amount of motivation. Each mum is supported and educated on the best ways to lose weight and keep it off.


By James Graham


With over 20 years as a journalist and TV producer, James Graham has a wealth of experience covering the full media spectrum. James has a formidable reputation as a talented media veteran and worked as a reporter, script writer and as the producer of the TV documentary The Road To Athens. He has worked across newspapers, radio and the biggest flagship magazine brands in Australia and New Zealand. Previously, James was the News Director at Woman's Day and New Idea. Whether filing celebrity exclusives, or some of the biggest real-life splashes of recent years, James’ career has always been at the frontline of mainstream media. When not writing, you’ll find him at Royal Randwick, his beloved Long Reef Golf Club on the Northern Beaches – or visiting his mum in his native New Zealand.


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