Halloween Sugar Skull Makeup – Not As Tricky As It Looks

sugar skull makeup
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Oct 27, 2023

Why is it so important to use a lighter base for this sugar skull makeup tutorial?

“Sugar skulls, or Calavera are traditionally made from sugar, which is mostly white so the base or bulk of the skull prior to decorating was white,” says makeup artist Napoleon Perdis. “When a sugar skull is celebrated through art, the base of the skull is typically depicted as white because of the sugary material it’s portraying. So, when recreating on the face with makeup, the best way to mimic this white sugary base is to use a lighter foundation.”

How do you get your eyeshadow to stay on all night for this look?

“Don’t use shadow alone, use a pencil or a gel liner as a base over the eye before applying your shadow; the combination of a good base and shadow means your look will last the distance. Smudge a black pencil or gel over the lash lines and mobile lid then use a brush to blend and fuse it out to achieve your desired effect. When applying your shadow on top, before to use a pressing motion to achieve total coverage and intense payoff.” Try Napoleon Perdis Halloween Heroes, $59

What products should people have in their purses to touch up this look?

“The lip colour that was used as a base for the lips, in Shevy’s video for example this was a red lipstick, then a black eyeliner to touch up the stitches – as you eat (and drink!) you’ll lose the detail, so be sure to touch up not only your red lippie but the stitches too. A translucent powder is also important, as you don’t want that pale base to look shiny. A translucent powder can be applied over any detailing on the skin so you won’t ruin your hard work!” Try Napoleon Perdis Camera Finish Close-Up Complexion Perfecting Powder, $55

What’s the best way to remove all the sugar skull makeup?

“First, dampen a makeup wipe with eye makeup remover then wipe over the eyes, lips and anywhere else on the face there’s detailing, then repeat this until you’re beginning to remove most over your makeup. A double cleanse is important here; cleanse #1 will remove the remaining traces of makeup and cleanse #2 will actually clean your skin (as a cleanser won’t clean your skin if there’s makeup blocking its surface). After your double cleanse work some eye makeup remover onto a cotton tip or pad the remove and final traces of makeup from the eyes.”

Tell us if you’ve got any tips for sugar skull makeup?

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