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Meet The New MKR Contestants

MKR’s Matt Prays His ‘Cougar’ Will Propose

Group 1

NSW – Monique and Sarah – Workmates

MKR New Contestants

Sarah, 26, and mum-of-four Monique, 33, bonded over their love of food in their stressful office. As police officers, work is serious and coming home to cook is the perfect way to relax. Paleo convert Sarah says she and Monique also like to be as “girly girl” as they can, every chance they can get. “We try to be as girlie as we can,” confirms Monique. We can’t wear jewellery [at work], that’s an OH&S thing, but we might put a nice little ribbon in our hair.”

Victoria — Mitch & Laura — Brother and Sister

MKR New Contestants Victoria

Mitch, 21, and Laura, 19, may be the youngest cooks in the competition, but you won’t find many teens dishing up offal quite like these pair. Avid fans of nose-to-tail cooking, they are inspired by the great produce surrounding their rural Mornington Peninsular home. Both students, they are yet to decide where their future lies but the lure of the kitchen is hard to resist at times.

Queensland — Cheryl & Matt — Cougar and Cub

MKR New Contestants Queensland

Sales/marketing manager Cheryl and student Matt are used to people misinterpreting their relationship. Mum-of-one Cheryl, 50, has been happily dating 26-year-old Matt for the past 18 months and says he won her over with his chicken Caesar salad.

South Australia — Rosie & Paige — Best Mates

MKR New Contestants South Australia

Mum-of-two Rosie, 37, and best friend Paige, 34, love nothing more than a gossip in the kitchen. There they are happy to experiment with creating flavourful healthy food and with a wine in hand they can “solve the world’s problems”. The next step in their future is a wedding event company for Rosie, and a providore for Paige.

Western Australia — Anna & Jordan — Mother and Son 

MKR New Contestants Western Australia

Anna, 55, was destined to have one of her four sons grow up to be her sidekick in the kitchen and Jordan, 23, is happy to take up the role. Although her young apprentice has a few of his own ideas on making Anna’s traditional Maltese and Italian dishes a tad healthier.

Victoria — Gianni & Zana — Married Lawyers

MKR New Contestants Victoria Lawyers

Newlyweds Gianni, 27, and Zana, 24, don’t do things by halves. About to open their own law firm in Melbourne, these high achievers have the MKR title in their sight. And they aim to win it while educating viewers on traditional Montenegrin food.


Queensland — Alex & Gareth — Miners

MKR New Contestants Queensland Miners

Best mates Alex and Gareth are almost each other’s shadows. From Mackay, they live together on the Sunshine Coast and both work in fly in/fly out mining jobs. And these 25-year-olds have both been saving in the hope of chasing a food dream in the near future. 

New South Wales — Luciano & Martino — Italianos

MKR New Contestants NSW Italianos

Luciano, 49, was one of the first people Martino, 48, met when he moved to Australia 11 years ago. After dancing the night away at Mardi Gras, they became instant friends and began throwing Italian dinner parties showcasing authentic dishes for their lucky friends. Now as they approach 50, they are ready for a big change and cooking just might be the answer.

Victoria — Tasia & Gracia — Sisters

MKR New Contestants Victoria Sisters


Siblings Tasia, 26, and Gracia, 24, can fight like the best of sisters, but they say it only fuels their passion in the kitchen. After growing up in Indonesia, India and Australia, these homely cooks have very big international influences on their cooking style. Just don’t tell anyone they fear they can’t cook rice without a rice cooker.

Queensland — JP & Nelly — Lovebirds

MKR New Contestants Queensland lovebirds

For Nelly, 25, it was love at first sight when she met her new boss JP, 30. Luckily, after leaving the job love blossomed along with a healthy appreciation of nutritional food. Now “tea obsessed” Nelly wants to wow the MKR dining table with her tea-infused menu along with some help from her beau, who just happens to be the son of a French chef.

Western Australia — Nev & Kell — Tradie and Cleaner

MKR New Contestants Western Australia Tradies

Facebook is to thank for Jessica and Marcos following theirfood dream and applying for MKR. Childhood friends, they lost touch after Jessica, 30, moved. But these old Sydney school friends reconnected online and discovered their shared love of healthy eating after Marcos, 29, also migrated to Melbourne. Now they’re ready to rattle the competition with their raw and nutritious menus.

Victoria — Jessica & Marcos — Fitness Friends 

MKR New Contestants Victoria Fitness Friends

After meeting each other two years ago, Nev and Kell found they shared a passion for food. Nev, 48, a control room attendant, thinks it’s the “duck’s nuts” to be on MKR. No need for prize money, he would’ve done it just for the apron says cleaner Kell, 44.

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