How Fitness Experts Stay Motivated

“Even personal trainers have lazy days, when they’d rather stay in bed then workout. This month, I learn how fitness experts stay motivated.”

Celebrity trainer Luke Istomin, founder of the F45 training studio ( is the go-to body sculptor for celebrities visiting Sydney and counts Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Joel Madden and Ricky Martin as his clients. But, Luke admits that even he has days – and weeks – where he loses his exercise mojo. So, how do fitness experts stay motivated? Steal Luke’s simple tricks the next time you’re struggling to get out of bed…

As a health editor I hang out with a lot of personal trainers and the one thing I’m amazed at is they seem it have endless energy, getting up at 5 in the morning, training people all day and then doing their own work out in the evenings. So I’m here with Luke Istomin in a Fully Fighting training studio in Australia to find out what there secret is to keep going. Um so Luke, there must be mornings you don’t wanna get out of bed ether so what are the top 3 motivational tips that we can all steal?

Luke: The top three Amy! I guess um three and three, only I would say have a goal and re assess it every three months. Whether it’s personal financial or spiritual, whatever it’s going to be and keep yourself on track

Amy: So you could write that down on a posted and stick it somewhere for you to see?

Luke: Pretty much anywhere you want,on a fridge on a mirror a wall somewhere, your bedroom wall, somewhere you see it everyday.

Amy: Somewhere you can’t avoid it!

Luke: 100%

Amy: So even personal trainers need reminders need a bit of a nudge sometimes?

Luke: We sure do! The second goal is um I heard a saying years ago and it’s stuck with me ever since, whether you think you can do it or you can’t, your right so basically that’s the power of self belief, have a goal believe in yourself, believe you can do it and don’t be afraid to accept criticism. 

Amy: So on the mornings that you don’t want to get up is that what you repeat to yourself?

Luke: I do at 4:40 in the morning, I do everyday.

Amy: So what’s your third and most important motivational tip? 

Luke: The third tip I guess is be prepared to accept that everything won’t go to plan, there are going to be set backs, limitations, people try it pull you down but stay strong on your goals and be prepared to accept life
don’t go it play the whole time

Amy: So even you have bad work outs sometimes ?

Luke: Bad work outs, bad days, bad months, bad times we are all humans. I guess try to understand why things are happening if you have a bad work out, where you not prepared? did you sleep enough? address the small problems for next time and go again. 

Amy: I’ll remember that time I attempt it skip a work out haha!

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Written by Luke Istomin

Luke Istomin has a reputation as the personal trainer to the stars. He was single-handedly responsible for creating Hugh Jackman's impressive six pack for his role in the film Wolverine. Nicole Kidman, Joel Madden, Leonardo Di Caprio, Toby Maguire and Ricky Martin are among his famous clientele.
In addition to delivering one-on-one and group training sessions at his F45 Training Centres, Luke co-presented the popular fitness series Crunch, on Foxtel's W Channel.


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