Tips and Tricks with Frankie Flanagan co-founder of Adilla Colab Salon

Tips and Tricks with Frankie Flanagan co-founder of Adilla Colab Salon
Ruby Feneley

Beauty & Health Writer

Feb 18, 2019

Celebrating their second birthday of their Double Bay salon Adilla Colab, they introduced an innovative services menu and a new product range, Revlon Eksperience.

We sat down with international Fashion Week Veteran Frankie Flanagan to discuss her hair tips and tricks, info about their latest product range.

Bringing transparency to salons:

Adilla consult with Ruby and Frankie.
My consult with Frankie.

How often do you find it impossible to relax in the hairdressers chair because you’re trying to calculate the cost of the treatment you were just convinced you needed, or the scattering of highlights the stylist insisted on?

Frankie Flanagan and Rhiannon Di Maria want to remove this anxiety from the equation. Welcoming beauty editors to the salon Frankie said that the two things she hears most from clients are that “they’re perplexed by the cost of their hair” and “they wish they could recreate styles at home”. Flanagan is answering both concerns with the new Adilla services menu.

“Many of our most loyal clients are between their late twenties and early forties. They want to look good but they’re also saving for weddings, new homes and kids. They need to be able to budget and they want to understand what they’re paying for” says Flanagan. This is why Adilla have implemented the new services quoting system. The quote means that customers can review the full break down of costs  before the service is underway.  Removing the mystery means no more hidden $60.00 treatments or “spontaneous” highlights. “It’s all about empowering the customer to make an informed decision,” Flanagan says.

Bringing hair looks home:

Style session at Adilla Colab.
Frankie shows me simple tricks to change my hair game.

The second component of the new services menu? Adilla’s styling masterclasses. As a makeup artist who almost failed the hair component of her artistry diploma I know the frustration of feeling like I’ve nailed my base, only to have my hair let down the look. Flanagan and her team are bringing decades of industry knowledge to their customers with targeted masterclasses.

There are six styling packages, ranging from “Amethyst”, a classic blow-dry style session to “blue diamond”, where the client will take home a Parlux Blowdryer and 24K Hot Tool Tong of their choosing. The salon stocks top industry hair brands including Oribe, R+Co, Parlux and Revlon Professional, but they are also happy to provide advice on how to use products clients already have at home.

Hair Hacks with Frankie:

Soft waves at Adilla Colab.
Katie refines her technique.

We got a taster of this package as Fankie sat us down for a hair assessment. I explained to Frankie that my hair is fine but dense. This means my roots get weighed down easily, while my ends can be frayed and bushy. It all translates to a heavy triangle shape that needs to be thinned out frequently.

First Frankie applied some of the Eksperience scalp balancing lotion to regulate sebum. This treatment can be used twice weekly and prolongs time between washes. I often wash my hair daily to stop my roots getting flat, a practice which undoubtedly contributes to my stressed out ends. Frankie said using the serum would help me regulate my wash-cycle.

Soft waves for Katie at Adilla.
Soft waves for Katie.

Frankie then created instant volume by redirecting my part to the left. This simple step had the immediate effect of creating weightless volume and lifting my look, no trim required. She then curled the hair close to the roots and left them tapered towards the ends for a tousled, modern wave. For Katie, Frankie again applied the sebum control serum before curling Katie’s long straight hair away from the face to frame her cheekbones. She referred to the two looks as Neve Campbell and Denise Richards in Wild Things – a reference that was a hit with these two 90s loving millennials.

Adilla leads the way:

Post style session at Adilla.
Post style session at Adilla.

Frankie and the stylists we spoke to at Adilla were all passionate, experienced and entertaining. They also seemed to genuinely understand the fiscal and aesthetic needs and concerns of their clientele. Transparent services are something all salons should be practicing but few do, Adilla have taken the lead and should be commended for this.

I am looking forward to seeing Frankie and the Adilla team again. The Eksperience range, a line of targeted thalassotherapy (scalp focused) treatments will launch 1st of March, 2019.

The Carousel will be back in salon to check them out, so stay tuned.


By Ruby Feneley

Beauty & Health Writer

Ruby Feneley is The Carousel Beauty contributor. Her obsession with makeup and skincare started when she modelled in her teens. While she studied English Literature at Sydney University she pivoted from front to behind the camera – receiving her Diploma of Artistry and working as a makeup artist, assisting industry leaders across multiple top brands. In 2017, she moved to New York where she worked as a copywriter for celebrity children’s wear label Appaman Inc. Ruby is now combining her love of makeup and skincare with her passion for writing. She has an encyclopaedic knowledge of makeup and skincare – she can spot a Nars lip from 30 feet and recommend skin creams and treatments from chemists to La Mer at a glance. She is always looking for the next big thing in beauty whether it’s an “unsung hero” product, a highlighter hack or a technological innovation to accelerate your anti-ageing regimen.


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