The Window Treatment Trend Australians Are Embracing To Beat The Heat

Ilona Marchetta

Sustainability & Home Editor

Mar 02, 2023

With Australia’s average temperature increasing each decade, sustainability is set to remain one of the biggest home trends for years to come.

While new terms like ‘carbon neutral’, ‘renewables’ and ‘low flow’ are now par for the course in architecture and interior design speak, there’s one super simple, decades-old home solution that is about to have a big moment thanks to the world’s current focus on everything green.

It is: The humble roller shutter.

The humble roller by Modern Group

Windows and window furnishings are one of the most important design aspects of your home when it comes to temperature regulation. According to the Australian Window Association, windows allow about 40% of heat to escape the home, and about 87% of a home’s heat is gained through them. A window’s size, positioning and material quality are all major determinants in whether your home gets hot in summer and cold in winter.

Roller shutters, with all their insulating power, are tipped to see a resurgence as Australians seek practical solutions to the changing climate and its incumbent heat.

Modern Group is a home improvement provider with the first window furnishing product on the market with a WinCover rating, a star-rating system that compares the energy performance of window coverings.

“Roller shutters have maintained their popularity since they entered the home market in the 1980s,” says Director of Sales and Marketing, David Pollock.

“What has changed is the type of questions customers ask about them. A few decades ago it was all about security, but today homeowners are just as, if not more, interested in energy efficiency and staying comfortable whatever the season.

“Roller shutters offer superior insulation compared to other window treatments. They really are one of the most effective ways to regulate a home’s temperature without resorting to internal heating or air-conditioning, so they are a great choice for environmentally conscious consumers or anyone looking to save on energy bills.”

For those who wonder how much roller shutters could have really changed since the OG designs of the eighties, well, so much.

Flat Slats provide an energy efficient way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

“The latest roller shutters also come with automation features that make it easy to control them from anywhere in your home using a handy remote,” says David.

“This means that you can adjust the settings for optimal energy efficiency, no matter where you are. Plus, as always, they’re still a great way to keep your family safe from intruders.” 

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By Ilona Marchetta

Sustainability & Home Editor

Ilona Marchetta is The Carousel's Home and Sustainability Editor. She is a change manager and journalist specialising in sustainability. Ilona is passionate about slow and mindful living, from fashion to interiors to beauty and self care.



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