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The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Getting Fit

The Lazy Girl's Guide To Getting Fit
The Lazy Girls Guide To Keeping Fit

It’s hard to get up and go sometimes, but ladies we’ve got to stop being lazy and get our butts out the door because you’re never going to get a booty like Beyoncé by sitting on your couch. So here are some exercise tips for even the laziest of us.

Look fab whilst getting fit


Get moving with a run

This doesn’t mean procrastinate by spending hours shopping online for some fabulous fabletics outfits. Choose at least two staple workout outfits that are fun and comfortable and make you feel good. You will be less likely to go for a run or attend that yoga class if you have only got a pair of your boyfriends old rugby shorts to wear and a t-shirt you probably sleep in from time to time.

Partner up to get fit


Get fit with your friends

Plan to exercise or work-out with a friend, this way you will feel more motivated to go if you are in it together. Plus it makes it more fun and you are less likely to cancel on them than yourself. Also it means you’ve got someone to go grab a well deserved coconut water or coffee with after your workout and catch up on gossip.

Mix it up


Try new excercise routines

Instead of sticking to the same exercise routine of going for a run, sign up to a different fitness class and try something new to keep it interesting. Check out the lists of different classes at your local gym or just around and about your local community, there are amples of different ways to get fit from barre classes to martial art infused workouts, there’s something for everyone. Not only is it beneficial for your body but it means you don’t get bored of doing the same thing all the time and you never know you might find a fun new way to work-out you didn’t know about.

Treat yourself


Lazy Girls Guide To Fitness-Health
Treat yourself to a blueberry smoothie

Don’t underestimate the power of bribery. If you plan to do a workout then reward yourself after with a lie in, a movie night, a bar of your favourite chocolate, a delicious smoothie or even a cheeky glass of vino. You will actually enjoy these things more because you feel less guilty about indulging because you stuck to your goal and actually did a workout.

Ditch the bus and walk


The Lazy Girls Guide To Getting Fit - Fitness
The Lazy Girls Guide To Getting Fit – Fitness

Rather than getting the 10-15 minute bus to work or to the train station in the morning, get up and give yourself more time to walk instead. It’s a great way to start your day and is also a great way to clear your head and raise your heart rate. Or even if it’s a nice evening, take your time and go for a walk. Personally I try and walk as many places as I can if I have enough time, it’s a really nice way to relax, you can listen to music, call your mum or just enjoy your surroundings. It’s simple and free. Another simple tip is to walk or jog up any stairs you climb throughout the day, you’d be surprised at how much it can get your heart going and remember, every little helps.


Give yourself some time


Don’t let time run out on getting fit

Manage your time, even if it means you only do a ten-minute workout, set aside that time and stick to it, it is better than doing nothing. I normally find that if I go on a run I will blast out two or three of my favourite songs and try and run as fast as I can or at a steady jog and then walk for a bit and then repeat. Or if running isn’t for you set yourself a target, for example try and do as many sit ups, push ups, jumping jacks, squats, lunges as you can in five minutes. Then either repeat the process or do it again every other hour or so.


Written by Bianca Spendlove

Bianca is a British actress who has always had an interest beauty, fashion and lifestyle, being surrounded by makeup artists most days inspired her to take note of the top tips and trends used in the industry. She loves to write in her own time and to document her travels.

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