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The Ed Sheeran $2 Peep Show Experiment

The Ed Sheeran $2 'Peep Show' Experiment

The 2Day FM hosts convinced the British singer-songwriter to take part in a ‘pop-up’ peep show.

Dubious members of the public could pay just $2 to watch the superstar sing for 30 seconds.

“Peep shows, they have a pretty bad name,” explains Andy Lee at the start of the hilarious video below.

“Normally associated with lewd content, but by definition, they don’t have to be.” “So in attempt to change that,” continued Hamish Blake, “we took one of the world’s biggest performing artists, kept all his clothes on, and set up an Ed Sheeran Peep Show.

“Would anyone dare to believe what was written outside and come into our very dodgy looking venue?”

As an equally uncertain Ed sat behind a velvet curtain inside, Hamish stood out the front dressed as a “fairly shady looking spruiker” and attempted to entice people inside. The Ed Sheeran $2 'Peep Show' Experiment “I think one of the big problems is people think Ed Sheeran is a code word for a new drug,” joked Hamish as dozens of disbelievers filed past.

Finally, after two hours and 23 minutes, they had their first customers – a stunned young couple who was gob-smacked when the curtain was pulled back.

“That’s the best f***ing two dollars I’ve ever spent!” says another fan brave enough to take the plunge.

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