Podcaster Rob Goldstone Interviews TV Star Turned Crap Housewife Jessica Rowe

Jessica Rowe
Rob Goldstone


Oct 01, 2020

Podcaster Rob Goldstone Finds Out What It Means To Be a Crap Housewife from TV star and author, Jessica Rowe…

TV presenter and self proclaimed “Crap Housewife” Jessica Rowe spills the beans on what it means to embrace your inner crap in a brand new podcast interview out today. She tells her longtime friend, publicist Rob Goldstone that everyone needs to get over being “Instagram perfect”, and tell it like it is. Goldstone is host of a brand new podcast, available here on The Carousel, called “An Englishman In…”.

Jessica was keen to share with listeners just why she dubbed herself as the “Crap Housewife”: “I was sick of seeing everyone showing these Instagram perfect lives, cooking perfect meals, and living in super clean and tidy homes. We all know life isn’t really like that, and I decided I wanted to share with everyone on my social media just what my everyday life was really like,” says the former host of Studio 10.

Sarah Harris and her team
Sarah Harris and the Studio 10 team

In this latest podcast episode, Jessica tells how she once tried to share her crap housewife cooking tips with none other than the glamorous chef Nigella Lawson. It did not go well. 

Nigella Lawson's Online Roasting for New Recipes
Nigella Lawson’s Online Roasting for New Recipes

“I had the joy of interviewing Nigella a number of years ago, and I actually showed her some of my meals. While she wasn’t impressed, she was most polite! I showed her my Niçoise Salad, and she said simply ‘ oh I have never seen a Niçoise with rice in it,” she tells podcast listeners.

As well as being a crap housewife, Jessica is also a self proclaimed “Crazy Cat Lady”. Those who follow her on social media know all too well how she cannot resist a feline themed onesie or sweat suit, and she tells podcast listeners how there is something so special and “aloof” about cats that sets them apart from other animals, and as a result, their owners become a touch crazy: “I think perhaps in our desire to get attention from them, maybe we get a more and more flamboyant in our efforts to get them to love us and like us,” she says.

Goldstone, on the other hand, is not a fan of cats and shocks his guest telling her: “I don’t like cats because I think they just don’t get my sense of humour.”

Cute cat enjoying himself outdoors

As the interview winds down, Jessica admits that shockingly she has only seen snippets of the Hollywood movie CATS, but thinks the musical was itself crap. Her host finished up that conversation telling Jessica she hadn’t missed much: “I would rather have seen Andrew Lloyd Weber laying there and cats clawing him to death than watch that movie. “

Jessica Rowe
Jessica Rowe

Check out this hilarious podcast interview with Jessica Rowe here:  https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/ep-11-is-an-englishman-in-crapsville-jessica-rowe/id1528028046?i=1000493104930


By Rob Goldstone


In 2012, Rob Goldstone - who holds Australian citizenship - began representing Russian pop star Emin as his worldwide manager. Rob was instrumental in helping bring the 2013 Miss Universe to Moscow, where Emin also performed to an international viewing audience of over one billion people. Rob’s debut book, Pop Stars, Pageants & Presidents: How an Email Trumped My Life, details how he found himself caught up in the RussiaGate investigation. He now hosts a podcast series “An Englishman In…” - which has already charted at #1 on the Apple Podcast Entertainment Charts in three countries.



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