More Than Just A Pretty Face, The Life Of Ex Models

Sadie Archibald

Lifestyle Writer

Feb 13, 2020

Models are often adored for their physical beauty but beauty is not the only thing a women should be admired for! Here are two amazing models who have achieved more than what meets the eye.

Ex Model Turned Activist Lauren Wasser

Lauren Wasser began her modelling career at a young age when she modelled as a baby in Italian Vogue with her mother Pamela Cook. She was later involved in shows such as Chromat and photographed by Boo George. But her most important role is that of an activist since she lost her right leg after nearly being killed by Toxic Shock Syndrome. This rare illness is thought to be caused by infection by certain types of bacteria which can be associated with tampon use.

Lauren, Ex Model, Actvitist
Model Lauren Wasser turned her personal tragedy into an inspiring career as an activist

In 2012, after using a tampon for her period, Wasser had unstable blood pressure, organ failure, a heart attack and high fever. She went on life support after being placed in a medically induced coma. Despite having a one per cent chance of survival, Wasser miraculously survived. However, to her horror she awoke with the loss of her leg.

In an interview with Today she said. “I was ashamed of who I was,” the model recalled. “My whole identity was taken from me.”

After this personal tragedy, Wasser decided to use her experience to educate, inform and protect others from the consequences of Toxic Shock Syndrome. She currently speaks to teenagers and works with companies who manufacture female hygiene products transparent about their practices.

Wasser told Today. “I feel like my purpose now is to be the face and the voice of this, so people know that it is real and that it does happen.” Wasser continues to inspire and in an interview with Refinery29 stated:

“Now, because I have my new golden legs, I’m able to bring something that’s never been seen before to a world that’s been one dimensional for so long. Also, I love being able to share my story, fight for a new side of beauty, and try to open people’s minds and eyes.

Ex Model, Activist, Lauren

The Ex-Model-Turned-Handbag Designer Katya Komarova

Russian-born beauty Katya Komarova swapped her career as one of the most in-demand models in Moscow to a handbag designer. Modelling allowed her to travel to different countries around the world. In Thailand in 2010, she met a local artisan, who taught her how to make a leather bracelet. When she returned home to Russia she practiced with the leather craft.

She decided to challenge herself on the idea of producing a bag without the need for a sewing machine and came up with a stitch-free technique using press studs. Since she has created numerous leather bags and in 2014 launched her sustainable brand Katya Komarova.

bag, katya , sustainable , ex model

Each bag is solid piece of leather with silver coloured press studs and a strap handle, they can be customised for the modern women who wants her own unique style. This allows women to use their creativity as they can mix-and-match colours and straps, ranging from bamboo to chain and chic cross-body. Allowing a different style for each day!

Katya’s bags are also created ethically and sustainably as she predominantly works with natural materials such as Italian vegetable-tanned leather and cotton. The brand continues to work towards a more ecological footprint such as moving all production to Sydney, Australia and updating the range to stitch-free versatile handbags. So women can feel good and look good when wearing these bags.

Katya’s dream is to have stores around the world and have each customer style the bag on the spot, making the bag their very own and ready in minutes.

ex model, katya, sustainable,
Handbag Designer Katya Komarova



By Sadie Archibald

Lifestyle Writer

Sadie Archibald is a lifestyle writer for The Carousel.


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