Blend And Boost: Meet The New Revolutionary SkinCare Technology

Blend And Boost: Meet The New Revolutionary SkinCare Technology
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Jun 19, 2018

In the digital age, technology has succeeded our wildest imaginations with virtual reality, Google glass and social media. Now, our skincare has reached new heights, being personally customised for each individual customer with Blend and Boost.

Already established as a firm favourite in the U.S. and Canada, this company is now here in Australia, and we wanted to find out what an Australian dermatologist think of the new kid on the block.

The Carousel interviewed Dr. Samuel Seit from The Skin Cancer and Cosmetic Clinic in Neutral Bay, Sydney, to learn what makes ‘bespoke’ skincare stand out.

So what makes Blend and Boost unique?

Instead of having eye creams, night creams, serums, sprays, you name it. You only have one product, saving a lot of the hassle.

Each blend is perfectly adapted to your skin’s needs, there are over 90 different combinations you can choose from to suit your skin.

When a patient comes in, they undergo a skin assessment, with me, where we will determine what the skin issues that need focusing on are. From there, a pharmacist then will blend the customised solution and have it delivered to the patient within 48 hours. It’s a great concept..

I think this is where it is so excellent that each cream is tailor-made for every individual. We can target skincare issues by selecting a cream base and aimed to fix the specific problem areas. For example, you could have an anti-aging base cream blended with boosters made to target, sun damage, wrinkles and environmental damage, or an oily skin base cream and boosters for pigmentation, pores, blemishes, and anti-aging. There are so many possibilities available and the patient can be confident in the knowledge that they have a solution that truly suits them.

How do we know it works?

The brand is evidence based. Every combination available has undergone thorough stability and compatibility testing. Numerous case studies have proved that the customised blends deliver a visible improvement when used twice daily.

How does Blend & Boost differ to other skincare brands?

Blend & Boost is completely unique and fresh – it’s made-to-order and customised to each individual and their skin’s needs, targeting multiple skin issues with just the one solution. Not only does it meet your specific concerns, it also simplifies the skin care regime.

What makes it worth trying?

I see so many different skin types, none are the exact same. With Blend & Boost I am able to offer my patients something that is made just for them and based on their concerns, while still keeping their skin care regime as simple as possible.

Why is there such a competitive skin care market/ why are there so many different brands and products these days?

Skincare is a multi-billion dollar business and many companies want a piece of the action so they often produce multiple products catered to each problem. I’ve found Blend & Boost affordable, simple and economical for patients as it addresses multiple problems in one customised product.

What is your best advice to have glowing skin?

I think glowing skin definitely begins from within, so drinking lots of water and having a balanced diet is key to achieving healthy looking skin. This combined with regularly using a well-made product that suits your skin type. Just like your body needs certain foods to keep healthy, your skin needs to be nourished and cared for too. Sunscreen and protecting from sun damage is also important.

What is more important, nourishing your skin from the inside with water/nutrition or the products you use?

Water is a powerful substance for the human body. About two thirds of our body weight is water, and every cell and organ in the human body needs it to function properly. Drinking enough water every day keeps your skin hydrated, reducing fine lines and helping your complexion.  Using proper skincare to target your concerns will enhance your skin leaving it radiant and healthy looking.

Dr Samuel Seit’s clinic:

The Skin Cancer and Cosmetic Clinic in Neutral Bay, Sydney, is here: http://thesccc.com.au/


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