Award-Winning Designer Nadine Ghosn Shares The Inspiration Behind Her Bold And Playful Jewellery

Sadie Archibald

Lifestyle Writer

Jun 13, 2023

Fine jewellery designer Nadine Ghosn is a rare commodity. When it comes to designing jewellery, Nadine knows how to imbue beauty, innovation and a huge dollop of fun in each of her pieces.

The award-winning designer’s brand NGFJ has been attracting praise globally ever since she launched her business six years ago. Her vision is bold and her creativity is boundless. We particularly love her ability to turn ordinary objects into something special, allowing us to see things through a different lense.

Take the fork and spoon collection worn by Nadine below. It is strikingly beautiful and it looks and feels more like art than every day jewellery.

Not surprisingly she has the likes of Beyonce clamouring to wear her exquisite jewellery – and even the late great Karl Lagerfeld tracked her down to buy her work. “Having Karl fall in love with my headphones and wear them for three months straight was the most touching of all – when he paid for the piece I remember not wanting to cash the check and safeguard it in a frame,” Nadine recalls.

Here, we talk to Singapore-based Nadine about her jewellery and her ability to elevate the ordinary into extraordinary through her craft.

Nadine Ghosn
The incredibly stylish Nadine Ghosn favours rose gold to make her exquisite jewellery

What is your inspiration?

I think we all have our inner children inside of us. I love children and reminiscing about childhood because there is a purity, playfulness and curiosity linked to it. Most of my pieces speak to our inner child revisiting shapes and sizes that remind us of our inner child. Whether it be a pencil, legos or burgers they all embody that fun spirit, juxtaposed with the serious names of the material!

In my collections you find everyday objects as well as themes that reflect my individual journey as I evolve personally and professionally. 

What is your favourite piece and why?

The Veggie Burger because it kick started my career and won awards for innovation and led to an unthinkable collaboration with McDonalds. I am sometimes stopped when I travel by followers who call me the burger girl.

NGFJ Jewellery
Veggie Burger Ring

Why is Rose Gold your signature?

Rose is soft and subtle. It is my favourite hue because it highlights our femininity and is not too in your face. Not all rose golds are equal – you need the perfect mix of materials to get it right.

Tell us about Karl Lagerfeld contacting you?

I remember manifesting what I wanted to achieve in my company when I first jotted down my thoughts and hopes. I was overwhelmed by fear and uncertainty so fixated on positive accomplishments and hopeful dreams. On that list were three things; Colette holding my pieces and both Karl Lagerfeld and Beyonce sporting them. It was a dream, but what was crazy was in my first year all three of these things happened – I was humbled, and proud but also reassured that I was on the right path. Having Karl fall in love with my headphones and wear them for three months straight was the most touching of all – when he paid for the piece I remember not wanting to cash the check and safeguard it in a frame! 

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What do you think makes your jewellery different/innovative?

My motto is not think outside the box but think like there is no box. I believe I am recognized in the industry for my playful, fun, witty pieces that bring a smile to your face.

I love to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. By taking common things we come across daily and elevating them with the highest quality materials and stones I am able to democratize the jewelry landscape by introducing a fresh relatable perspective.

Every collection tends to be aligned with my personal journey and my daily evolution – I share my interpretations, revelations and wisdom unlock as I continue to evolve as a human and as a creative. This is what makes every collection different and showcases my vulnerability.

What made you choose jewellery making?

As a kid I would always gravitate towards jewellery. My sisters would ask for dolls or books, and I would ask for earrings! I never set myself up to be a jewellery designer. I was pretty much on a corporate journey. After graduating Stanford with a dual degree in Economics and Art – I began working for BCG in NYC, I later joined the luxury house Hermes. The creativity fostered at Hermes as well as the limitless possibilities awakened my interest in the industry and exposed the opportunities that existed in the marketplace.

What is your favourite part of the creative process?

I feel positivity, meaning and depth. It is my medicine, meant to be shared, empowering every individual who wears it to ascribe their own meaning. My hope is it always brings out our inner child while bringing a smile to our face and encouraging happy dialogue through the unexpected shapes.

More About Nadine Ghosn

Nadine Ghosn has won the Innovation Award at Couture, and was the VOGUE Fashion Prize winner in the Middle East. The young designer’s path to jewellery was far from conventional. She swapped direction after studying a dual degree  in Economics and Art at Stanford University, to become a designer. Nadine received her GIA certification, worked  in Boston Consulting Group’s Luxury Goods Practice, and completed a management rotation through Luxury Maison Hermès.

NGFJ has collaborated with a variety of players across industry; McDonald’s, BIC,  Highsnobiety, Sotheby’s, and is now launching her Frieze wristband design. 

Nadine Ghosn’s jewellery never fails to impress with its creativity

If you want to discover more about Nadine Ghosn – here is her website:


By Sadie Archibald

Lifestyle Writer

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