How To Perfect The Pony And Bun Hair Do

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Aug 06, 2016

Speaking about the show, Terri said: “It’s high pressure and exciting to be responsible for creating the hair look as you’ve got to ensure that its not only what the fashion editors, influencers and bloggers will like but what the consumers will also respond positively to.

“Add to that, I have every brand from Carla Zampatti through to Romance Was Born to cater for – and the looks have to work at an individual level for every brand.”

One of Terri’s favourite looks was of the pony and buns which were a stark contrast of super matt pony tails / buns with lots of gloss on the top of the hair – a real juxtaposition. “It’s designed to appear as though it “catches the last of the sunlight on a summer evening,” Terri adds.

How To Create The Perfect Pony And Bun Hair Do

This look is great on a day when your hair is a bit greasy – second/third day hair for example.

– Blow dry the hair super flat and then use anything you have to give it texture – for example hairspray or dry shampoo to give it grip and texture.

– Then use a pomade or a gel or a wax (anything with a bit of oil) on the top part of the hair to help keep it down. This will also help to give it a shiny, reflective surface.

– Gather the rest of the hair at the back (just slightly above the nape of the neck) in order to give a beautiful side-on silhouette.

– Pony’s and buns were bound with hat elastic last night but for the bun, you could use just lots of hair bands and secure them all the way down the pony and then twist it back into itself and secure it and tease it slightly for texture.

Creating the Perfect Buns
Creating the Perfect Buns

– For the pony, gather hair as per the above and then use several hair bands to give a thickness to the bands so the pony moves out from the back of the head.

Creating the Perfect Pony
Creating the Perfect Pony

– The final step is to use a large make up powder brush and put lots of serum on it and brush it over the hair at the end to get the high shine required for this look.

Behind the scenes at David Jones Fashion Show
Behind the scenes at David Jones Fashion Show

David Jones’ Hair Director Terri Robertson-Kirkwood’s Summer Trend Guide for 2016


Over the last six months there has been a change to what is called ‘the new undone’ – the hair is unstructured, still wavy and with texture but is a step away from the salty and more structured beach waves of summers past. Instead of a dry, salty beach texture, hair is injected with gloss – looking incredibly dewy and moisturised – much more in keeping with beautiful glistening skin.

We will also be seeing a return of hair accessories – items like beautiful grown up brooches, silk scarves and long elastics which are wound many times to give depth and texture. Hair will be tied back off the face into a lower style of knot, chignon or pony tail, with accessories wound throughout, highlighting an elegant, sophisticated silhouette of the neck and hair.

The Carousel would like to thank Terri Robertson-Kirkwood for these tips and for more from Terri, click here.


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