How to Increase The Value Of Your Professional Network

Tiffany Harper

Dec 14, 2022

Networking is probably the most valuable and useful skill one can have is it can have a serious impact on your life and your career. But when we refer to your career, we call it professional network. 

To start building your professional network is the hardest step you’ll make but the key is always in maintaining it and of course, you need to increase its value. Since professional networking it’s all about connections and relationship, to improve the value of your professional network means to improve yourself and the rest will follow. 

But we could all use some help when it comes to stepping up our game, so, in today’s post, we’re presenting our top ways to increase the value of your professional network. 

What is a Professional Network? Firstly, let’s get this one thing straight – what professional network means. In simple words, it means the activity to build and maintain trustful relationships with other people that will eventually help you achieve your goals. 

But of course, you really have to focus on the building part because no one does big favors for someone they just meet. 

Become Genuinely Confident Confidence is the best trait one can have in this life if you ask me. A genuinely confident person can achieve everything she puts her mind on. You see, when you’re truly confident it means that you have solid reasons to be this way as you genuinely know and trust your powers and how to leverage them. 

Now there’s a really fine line between confidence and arrogance and you need to be very careful to not cross it, as the advice of Mary Wilson from assignment help. Confident people know were they belong to and they are aware of how much they know and how much more they have to learn. Most times rather than not, a confident person is also a wise person. 

Therefore, if you want to increase the value of your professional network is to become a genuinely confident person because that’s what everyone’s is looking for – because is hard to find

Change Your Mindset 

I believe that you heard many times people talking about changing their mindset, but maybe you never really understood what this truly means. To change your mindset means to replace the things you have your mind set on with better ones. 

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For instance, if now you have your mind set on the belief that you’re good enough you need to change it and set your mind on the belief that you can become and you will become good enough and even better just because you know you can. After all, it’s all about perspective and the things you choose to believe, according to UK Essays content writers. So, focus on the positive side and never let anyone make you believe that you are less because you know that is not true. 

Master Interpersonal Skills 

Increasing the value of your professional network is all about how well you get along, communicate, and interact with others – in other words, how well you master your interpersonal skills. 

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Interpersonal skills represent your ability to work and interact well with others which implies a wider range of skills like communication, observing and listening, and deportment. The more you improve your interpersonal skills, the easier will be for you to interact with others and to make lasting relationships. 

Build Your Status 

In society everting revolves around one simple thing – your status. The more important your status is seen in society, the more attention you draw and the more people will desire to meet and know you. 

Therefore, if you want to increase the value of your professional network you need to simply increase your status, advises Bestessayservicesreview. I know that it might be easier said than done, but there are many ways to achieve that and getting a promotion isn’t the only way. 

Make Friends/Connections 

When we were young making friends seem the easiest thing or anyway, much easier than it is now as adults. But it’s all because the boundaries that we all put up and the prejudices that we all have. 

Anyway, in order to succeed in increasing the value of your professional network, you have to find ingenious ways to make new friends a.k.a. connections with more important people, of course. 

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In the first place, you’ll have to go where important people go, so you’d better make sure that you’re invited to those social parties. From there on, you just find your way to 

introduce yourself and to make a really nice impression like your career depends on it – but, of course, stay true and natural. 

Help To be Helped 

In the networking world, it’s all about reputation and about helping each other with your connections, so you have to make sure that you build a great reputation. One way to build your reputation is, obviously, by helping others when you can and when you can’t make sure you let them know that if you could, you would – it’s nothing personal. 

The great part about helping others when it comes to networking is that people will remember that you helped them and most of them tend to repay you for your kind gesture. 

Learn to Observe and Listen 

The fine art of observing other person’s behavior, appearance, and nonverbal can be your most precious tool in life and therefore in increasing the value of your professional network, according to EasyEssay. You see, once you become a great observer you’ll know more about a person than you can ever imagine. 

Of course, to get the proper picture you also have to learn how to genuinely listen to a person. Listening is a fine art too as it can make the speaker truly understood and cared for, so he will most probably desire to talk again with you. 

I guess that in the end is all about making people feel great, wanted, understood, and important when they are in your presence because we work on emotions and we are constantly seeking to feel in those ways. 


Once you become a better version of yourself, you’ll naturally attract more attention and more value in your professional network. Therefore, the key to creating a successful professional network is to constantly improve yourself and to keep seeking to become a better version of yourself. 

In this journey, knowledge and practice will be your best friends. Remember that you can only win from this situation and that you’ll have a lot of benefits once you manage to step up your game.


By Tiffany Harper

Tiffany Harper is a talented writer from New York, an extremely active woman, and a real leader. She began her career as a journalist and later proceeded it as an educational writer and editor. Now she works as a subject matter expert with BrillAssignment (, and best dissertation help ( mostly in the self-improvement and business area. Please do not hesitate to contact her on Twitter @harper_tiffany.



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