Earth Hour 2020 Urging Political Leaders To Prioritise The Environment

Earth Hour

2020 is set to be a key year for the future of our planet. Major climate events including the biggest since 2015’s Paris agreement, COP26, are set to take place throughout the course of the year; and shape our planet’s future. With the spread of COVID-19 people are already working remotely, practicing social distancing and generally sticking to self-isolation, with Earth Hour is on tonight (March 28), here’s something you can do right from the comfort of your home for a good cause.

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Sydney Harbour lights off, NSW

The start of the decade has been devastating for Australia in its first few months. The catastrophe of the bushfires in Australia burnt an area larger than Ireland, 33 people and a shocking estimated 1.25 billion native animals also lost their lives.

“Australia’s biodiversity has taken an unprecedented hit during these devastating mega-fires. Our forests and wildlife can’t speak up or sign a petition, so we must do what’s right for the places and animals we love by calling on our governments to deliver immediate action on climate change,” said WWF-Australia CEO Dermot O’Gorman.

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Australian Bushfires were devastating over what is now dubbed our Black Summer


This year’s Earth Hour is urging Australians to sign a petition calling for state and government officials to take serious action in regard to the growing concerns about the climate crisis. The petition will demand:

  • Implementing legislated plans in the next 12 months to accelerate the transition to a net-zero carbon economy.
  • By the end of 2020, develop a costed industry plan for renewable exports to capitalise on Australia’s abundant renewable energy resources and position Australia as a renewable export powerhouse.

“This is an opportunity for Australians to have a voice in the climate debate and be a part of shaping the type of future we want to see,”

said Mr O’Gorman
Earth Hour
Earth Hour at Parliament House, Canberra Volunteers arrange candles for Earth Hour logo and WWF logo on the Parliament House lawn.

An estimated one in five Australians will participate in Earth Hour, with over 500,000 signatures on the petition set to be sent over to 25 Australian political leaders.

To sign up to Earth Hour visit WWF-Australia’s website:​ ​ every individual can make a difference.

Written by Emeric Brard


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