How A Busy Mum Saves Money With A Car Subscription

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Dec 21, 2020

There’s no denying 2020 has been an unpredictable year, with many Australian families seeking to cut their household expenses in response to the economic uncertainty created by the pandemic.

Research commissioned by Carly in June this year found that 31% of Australians are extremely or very worried about their financial situation, and of those, 46% would now consider car subscription over traditional car buying or leasing options.

While Australia is slowly returning to normal, Claire Newell, mother of two and owner of wedding planning business Elope to Sydney, is just one of the many Aussies who are still hesitant to commit to big-ticket purchases like a car.

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“While things are looking positive and there is momentum happening in the world, my husband Dean and I are still hesitant to take out a loan for a car in case we find ourselves in a situation where we need to reduce our expenses again,” Claire explains. “Carly’s car subscription has provided us with a short-term car solution without the expenses and commitment of owning one. In fact, my business was initially adversely affected by COVID, so securing a loan may not have even been possible.”

Thanks to the COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings such as weddings, Elope to Sydney’s business almost completely dried up at the start of the year. Claire and Dean reviewed their finances and decided to sell their second car, leaving them to juggle just one family car between them.

“I have a wedding planning business, and of course, during lockdown there were no weddings. Dean and I suddenly found ourselves looking for ways to reduce our outgoings. This meant we had to become a one-car family,” recalls Claire.

“Now that restrictions have eased, weddings, especially small weddings, have come back in full force, so I am busier than ever. Dean does shift work, so while he was able to cycle to work or sometimes get a lift, it wasn’t always convenient to give him a lift to work at 5am while the kids were sleeping. On top of that, our children often have different after-school activities to attend and the increased demands of my business were making the situation untenable. Despite this, Dean and I were not willing to commit to buying a second car, as we still feel things are uncertain.”

Carly car subscription, which allows drivers to access a car with a simple monthly payment, was a smart solution for this family.


“Carly car subscription gave us all the perks of having a car without the expenses and commitment of owning one,” says Claire. “It’s been great having access to a second vehicle without any of the long-term financial commitments. We now both have access to a car 24/7 and we are able to divide and conquer to tend to both our girls’ busy schedules and our work commitments.”

Carly has broken down the costs for those in a similar situation to Claire who need an alternative to owning a second car. Carly’s sums show that Claire will save a total of $4,062 over a six-month period by choosing to subscribe to a car subscription service like Carly rather than owning a vehicle.*

Car subscription is a practical option for Australians because it allows you to choose the vehicle that best suits your current circumstances – and should your employment or financial circumstances change, you can you’re your subscription at any time, without any financial penalty. At Carly, you just need to give 30 days’ notice.

“Hard-working Aussie families like us are now looking for safe and low-risk alternatives for their financial commitments, and a subscription model such as Carly’s offers a risk-free alternative to a big financial outlay. It’s been a lifesaver for us because it’s allowed us to divide and conquer over this chaotic period,” say Claire.

* Costs considered when calculating a comparison between owning, financing and subscribing. Calculations are based on ownership and operating costs for one year.

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Loan Interest Repayments, Comprehensive Insurance, Registration + CTP, Servicing and Maintenance, Tyres  (based on RACQ 15000 av. per year @1.45c/km), Depreciation


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