5 Things You Need To Know About Your Wedding Photographer

5 Things You Need To Know About Your Wedding Photographer
Franki Hobson


Jun 25, 2023

That’s why we enlisted the help of Graham Monro of GM Photographics. Graham has photographed thousands of weddings and a long list of celebrities including Guy Sebastian and his wife Jules, and his work has been featured in many bridal magazines. Here, Graham explains the top five things you need to know about your wedding photographer to ensure your choice is a match made in photo heaven…

1. Their style

You may not be able to readily describe the photographic style you’re after, but flicking through a range of wedding images will quickly help you determine what you do and don’t love. “The photographer’s style is usually the first thing you will notice when you look at their work,” explains Graham. “You’ll know if their style gels with yours. At GM Photographics, our style is fresh and photojournalistic with a hint of glamour. We capture all the details, letting the love, laughter and life shine through and speak for itself. We believe that depth, quality and consistency are king.” Check out a selection of weddings, portraits and portrait couture to get you started.

2. Their personality

I’ve been to weddings where an anxious photographer was seen buzzing in and out of the ceremony trying to capture the vows and running backwards down the aisle to get the money shot as they entered the church, completely spoiling the importance of the occasion. Similarly, I’ve met photographer’s who were complete pro’s at making nervous brides and grooms feel totally relaxed to capture the love between them. Getting along with your photographer and being on the same page is vital. “It’s so important that you feel comfortable with your photographer because this is how you get the very best photographs,” explains Graham. “If you’re feeling self-conscious, embarrassed or unsure, this will show up on camera. We meet with our clients numerous times before our shoots so we know what you like, dislike, want and need. It’s also a good way for us to get to know each other. For weddings, we recommend doing an engagement shoot with us so when it gets to the big day, you know what to expect and we feel like old friends.”

3. Their credentials

I was the editor of Cosmopolitan Bride magazine for more than ten years and believe me, there is a big difference in the quality of photos produced by a novice and someone with years’ of experience. Graham suggests checking that your photographer is an AIPP accredited professional photographer before booking them. “These are photographers who are assessed and proven, operate a registered business and have years of experience,” he explains. “If you want to be sure you’re using an AIPP accredited professional, look for the logo on their website.”

4. Their organisational skills

If you’ve spent months planning a wedding to perfection, the last thing you want is a disorganised snapper on your big day. “Request a timeline of events or run sheet for your wedding or portrait day,” suggests Graham. “We run you though everything from start to finish, are masters in allocating time, let you know if you need to bring anything and have a million backup plans in case of bad weather. We can also recommend other quality suppliers if you need flowers, music, video, hair and makeup.”

5. Their pricing

Photography is an art form, and it’s true to say with photographers that you get what you pay for. “You need to think of your photographs as an investment, particularly for weddings,” says Graham. “When your day is over, you’ll have the photographs to remind you of the key moments. So that’s where you need to allocate a fair portion of your budget. Also, your fabulous photographer spends many hours working on your photographs before, during and after the event, and this needs to be factored in when you’re breaking down the cost. Our advice: compare packages from multiple photographers and the quality of images to see what your money gets you.”

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