How To Beat Insomnia: Perfect Yoga Stretch To Make You Sleep Well

Amy Molloy

Lifestyle Writer

Apr 13, 2018

In this video, Amy Molloy looks at poses to beat insomnia.

 It’s the middle of the night and you’re wide-awake, mind whirring. It can be tempting to reach for your smartphone but we all know the glow of a screen is only going to make it worse.  Wellness Editor Amy Molloy joins yoga teacher Vicki Smart from Preshana yoga in Sydney to learn simple poses that will lull you back to sleep. And you can do them all right in your bedroom.

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How To Beat Insomnia: The Perfect Back Pose

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By Amy Molloy

Lifestyle Writer

Amy Molloy, formerly editor of Grazia Australia, is a columnist and author, with a particular interest in health and wellbeing. Amy write for TheCarousel.com, and has contributed for a host of Australian publications including the Sydney Morning Herald and Harper’s BAZAAR. She also regularly writes for UK publications including The Sunday Times, the Daily Mail, the Guardian, Grazia magazine, Cosmopolitan and Women's Fitness. She previously published a memoir called Wife Interrupted in 2007. Amy also runs sell-out yoga & creative writing retreats in Sydney, and offers one-on-one workshops on how to use journalling to improve mental wellbeing.


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