Five Top Yoga Experiences Around The World

Top Yoga Experiences Around The World
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Jun 20, 2015

The number of Australians practicing yoga has risen dramatically. This hobby also has an influence over holiday destination choices with yoga enthusiasts more likely to visit destinations not favoured by the general population (for example, Aussies who practice yoga are 140 per cent more likely to visit India than non-yoga fans), according to Roy Morgan.

We’ve compiled the top yoga experiences around the world…


For yogis, visiting India is what a trip to Tuscany is for food lovers. There are countless retreats, courses and classes throughout India though the scenic southern spots of Mysore and Goa are particularly synonymous with yoga.



The perception that cruises are all buffets and lazing on the sundeck couldn’t be further than the truth for Uniworld’s river cruise guests. Yoga-lovers can choose from daily stretching classes, group or private Astanga Yoga classes, Five Tibetans yoga and meditation as part of the Onboard Wellbeing Program. They don’t need to worry about undoing all the good work with fresh fruit and vegetable juices and a Traveling Lite menu full of health-conscious options.



If you’ve mastered the upward wheel and rock at shoulder stand why not throw in an extra challenge – water. Fiji is renowned for its tropical beauty and many yoga-lovers are now admiring it from a different perspective – stand up paddle board yoga. Practicing yoga on a SUP will build better balance and coordination and if you do fall it will be into crystal clear turquoise waters rather than the studio floor.



India may be the home of yoga, though California is where it became trendy. ‘Clean eat’ your way through Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and San Francisco and be inspired to mediate over the length of time it took the Colorado River to carve out the majestic Grand Canyon or ‘tree pose’ while looking up at the giant sequoia trees in Yosemite National Park.



If you prefer to practice with the sand between your toes and the sun on your back rather than in a crowded studio you’re not alone. Costa Rica has become a yoga and wellness hotspot with no shortage of stunning scenic spots where you can indulge in a sun salutation or buy a bag of fresh coconuts and capture a brag-worthy Instagram shot.


Where is your favourite place to practice yoga? Tell us below…


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