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Yoga & Meditation Can Overcome Trauma

No one ever thinks that trauma or bad luck will happen to them, and nor should they.  Trauma came knocking at my door a few times and I knocked back, every single time.   As a yoga teacher, I have the knowledge and skills of yoga and meditation, these were the main practices of daily self-help,...

Trudy Vains on Jun 26, 2021
12 Things To Do On Global Wellness Day!

Global Wellness Day (GWD) was established in 2012 as the ‘first’ day dedicated to living well. It was quickly accepted worldwide. With the slogan ‘One day, can change your whole life’, Global Wellness Day is based on the simple premise of increasing global consciousness of living a better life, even if it is just for one day,...

Shonagh Walker on Jun 12, 2021
Yoga For Larger People

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard, “I’m not flexible enough for yoga” or “I’m too big to do yoga”, I’d be writing this column from my mansion in the Maldives. Sadly, people don’t throw money at me and I don’t have a luxury estate overlooking pristine waters, but I am proud...

Trudy Vains on Jun 11, 2021
Bev Brock: My 5 Simple Yoga Moves That Turned Back The Clock!

Do you want to live a long life, one blessed with vitality, good health and wellbeing? Remember that you and you alone are responsible for the choices you make and you are the only one who can implement the changes you need to be the best that you can be! Your health and well-being is...

Bev Brock on Jun 07, 2021

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