Emine Mehmet: Redefining The Meaning Of Resilience

Emine Mehmet: Redefining The Meaning Of Resilience

Eminè Mehmet

Wellness & Sustainability Editor


Resilience seems to be the wellbeing catch word for 2018, and with good reason. It’s been a challenging year for all of us with dramatic changes taking place on a global, local and personal level.

Ever wondered what resilience actually is? The Cambridge Dictionary defines resilience as ‘the ability to be happy, successful, etc. again after something difficult or bad has happened’.

It’s not something you learn to have or be. It’s a natural human state. We are naturally resilient. It’s inbuilt into our DNA.

The foundation of resilience is patience, trust, courage, and faith.

The phrase ‘stop and smell the roses’ has never been as relevant as it is today.

The fast-paced lives we lead have made it impossible for us to stop, listen and connect to our resilience or core when we need it most.

This is creating a disconnection that can have an impact on our health and wellbeing. It can cause us to feel confused, frustrated, and indecisive, separated from what we truly want and what is best for us.

Forget new year’s resolutions, as 2018 winds up, make a pact to get back in touch with your resilience and your core self.

Here are three ways to start you on your journey:

1. Meditate daily

If you can’t fit it in on a day to day basis, book a 15mins block once a week into your diary. Set the scene, sit in a space without distraction, play your favourite relaxing music, light a candle, be comfortable. Breathe deeply, focus on your breath and relax. Really get in touch with what’s going on for you internally.

2. Take time out

Take the time to stop and rest when you need to. Don’t feel guilty. If you don’t take care of yourself, you’re no good to those that depend on you, not to mention to yourself. Allow yourself at least one hour a week guilt-free time off and monitor the differences you experience.

3. Write down your thoughts

Release your thoughts and feelings by writing them down. Don’t hold back, let it all out. It’s great therapy and allows for clarity around situations you’re experiencing. For a more spiritual up-leveling, write them down during the full moon. This is a great time to release and clear thoughts, feelings, and situations. Then, during the new moon, set your new intentions and notice how this makes you feel.