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Boost Your Energy With The World’s Best Breathing Exercise

Inhale, Exhale: The Basics of Breathing You Need To Know About

“It’s certainly not flattering but this breathing technique detoxes, boosts energy and even makes your breath fresh.”

If you’ve ever been to a yoga class you may have heard the term ‘pranayama’ which is the practise of restricting your breath to move energy around your body. This month, The Carousel wellness expert Amy Molloy has a lesson in ‘lion’s breath’ from yoga teacher Vicki Smart from Preshana yoga is Sydney (

Now shop the video:

Amy wears: Vie Active Vibeke running in rome compression tights,, Liquido crop top, First Base super dropped tank,

Vicki wears: Vicki wears: Boogie short and Cool Racerback Tank, both Lululemon

Written by Amy Molloy

Amy Molloy, formerly editor of Grazia Australia, is a columnist and author, with a particular interest in health and wellbeing.

Amy is an editor at large for The Renegade Collective and, along with, has contributed for a host of Australian publications including the Sydney Morning Herald and Harper’s BAZAAR. She also regularly writes for UK publications including The Sunday Times, the Daily Mail, the Guardian, Grazia magazine, Cosmopolitan and Women's Fitness.
She previously published a memoir called Wife Interrupted in 2007.

Amy also runs sell-out yoga & creative writing retreats in Sydney, and offers one-on-one workshops on how to use journalling to improve mental wellbeing.


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