Cut To The Chase: Where’s Your Sense Of Compassion Australia?

Cut To The Chase: Where’s Your Sense Of Compassion Australia?

Have you ever started a sentence with the words “I’m not racist – But…”?

Each year Professor Andrew Markus of Monash University conducts a survey of the nation’s acceptance of, and tolerance towards others. In last year’s findings, he reported “the Department of Immigration surveys around 2000 were asking migrants what they most liked about Australia and the number one factor was ‘Australians being kind and friendly people’. Now that’s at the bottom of the list”.

From racial attacks on public transport, to homophobic rants on social media – it seems we’re becoming less compassionate and empathetic as a society. Defined as a ‘Deep awareness of the suffering of another, coupled with a wish to relieve it’ Aussies have always been known to stand up for the underdog… so why the recent about-turn?

In this heartfelt discussion between Adam Boland and Suzanne Mostyn, Suzanne opens up about shunning social media for that very reason and also why Adam puts forward the argument “As a society I think we’re losing touch with empathy and compassion” – as he explains what it was like for him when he ‘came out’.

Adam and Suzanne caught up for their conversation at QT Hotel in Canberra.

Have you been touched by someone’s act of compassion recently? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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Written by Adam Boland & Suzanne Mostyn

Hosted by two of Australia’s most dynamic social commentators, Adam Boland and Suzanne Mostyn, our new digital TV series, Cut to the Chase is an irreverent, informative and fun ‘He said, She said’ take on everyday issues that touch us all.

Adam and Suzanne cover a range of topics from ‘conversations all parents should have with their sons’ to ‘discrimination in the supermarket’.
Adam Boland, author of the upcoming book ‘Brekky Central’ said of Cut to the Chase: “Suzanne and I go a long way back so we don’t need much of a reason to have a chinwag, but Robyn gave us one anyway.”
Suzanne Mostyn, an established media voice, said: "I'm all about chewing the fat. I think it's how we make sense of our challenges, the world and our place in it. Adam and I have always had lively and robust discussions about all things mundane and monumental off- camera, so now it's great to have the opportunity to sit down together with audience."

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