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Business Women Unite For Gender Equality

Business Women Unite For Gender Equality

The Australian Women’s Network ( AWN ) Business Summit will explore what it means to be truly inclusive and diverse in the workplace – acknowledging the value of every human being.

The AWN Summit and Blue Frost Gala Ball will be held  at the Pullman Hotel in Albert Park, bringing together 16 incredible female speakers and The Carousel is proud to be a media partner. 

But it’s more than the big names that will make this event unique. 

“There are over 300 women’s groups that exist in Australia, in a time when we are talking more than ever about diversity and inclusion we are excluding men from the conversation,” Adriana Brusi, CEO of Event Negotiators and AWN’s Board of Directors noted. 

“Our vision is to open the conversation of what it really means to be inclusive and diverse,” adds Fran Thorne, AWN Founder and Owner. 

The AWN Summit is a game-changer, challenging how industries think about true collaboration. But the Network believes the conversation is much bigger than just gender.

“When we talk about exclusion, we think about gender – but it’s not just about men and women,” says Elaine Jacobs Vice President of Morgan Stanley and founder of Significant Womens Network. “The picture is much bigger than this. What about embracing true inclusion and diversification. It’s not just about the ‘usual’ male and female board members, but bringing value and insight through adding the voices of sub groups, such as disabled, ethnic and indigenous people too”. 

Australia is one of the most ethnically diverse societies in the world today. Almost one in four Australians were born outside of our country. But does this percentage translate across our businesses too?  

Over four million people in Australia have some form of disability – that’s 17% of our population. A major representation of active, contributing community members, under represented in board positions.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

To truly collaborate and thrive, Fran Thorne believes, a truly aware business needs all sorts of people, from all walks of life. They all bring value, an ideal mix of visionaries and, ultimately, insights.  As a result, businesses are far more in touch with their community and marketplace.  

“Real change has to come in an arena, where there are change agents,” says Adriana Brusi. “We want to break down these invisible barriers and empower the women who attend the event to become change agents.”  

The one-day AWN Business Summit aims to increase diversity in Australian boardrooms, to introduce new value and insights – while at the same time helping businesses operate more competitively around the world. 

Guests will be encouraged to rethink the way they look at being inclusive and diverse. 

Bringing together the best brains across diverse industries and the most dynamic and visionary thinkers, it is an opportunity for exceptional networking. 

Francesca Thorne founded the network, with the mission to help women harness and develop their leadership abilities to accelerate the empowerment, through a 360-degree leadership development. 

The event will conclude with an exceptional Blue Frost Gala Ball – a black tie extravaganza featuring hues of blue and incredible talent in what is a philanthropic event.

Safe Futures Foundation are the beneficiary and Australian Women’s Network look forward to supporting this exceptional charity and their work to assisting and educating in the domestic violence arena. 

To join the Australian Women’s Network and or find out more information click here

About the Australian Women’s Network 

The Australian Women’s Network provides a platform to network with other leading business owners, learn from their inspirational success stories and learn valuable tactics that you can apply in the running of your own business to bring about your dream outcome. 

A global network of intelligent, successful and interesting women, we campaign for lasting change by bringing together the best brains and the most dynamic and visionary thinkers across a diverse range of industries. 

Our mission is to help women develop their leadership qualities, and empower them through wide-lens leadership development. 

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