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Amazing Weight-Loss: I Lost 46kg By Ditching One Ingredient

Amazing Weight-Loss: I Lost 49kg By Ditching One Ingredient1

Glasgow mother-of-one Donna Docherty had dropped to a size 20 for her wedding a few months earlier, and admits she felt great in her custom-made gown.

But Donna knew she had to make a life-changing decision when she saw how big she’d really got at her sister’s wedding just 18 months later, below.

Amazing Weight-Loss: I Lost 46kg By Ditching One Ingredient2

“I saw myself in that black dress and thought, ‘You really need to do something’,” says Donna, who weighed 95kg at her heaviest.

Realising this was a ‘now or never moment’, Donna immediately went through her cupboards and threw away all the junk food and sweet treats.

She would regularly snack on biscuits, chocolate and potato chips, and down six cans of sugar-laden Coca Cola a day.

“I knew that if this was going to be a real change there was no point waiting until New Year’s Day so I emptied our kitchen cupboards and joined the gym.

“I’ve known about the danger of sugar ever since my dad was diagnosed with diabetes five years earlier, so it made my decision to quit even easier.”

Amazing Weight-Loss: I Lost 46kg By Ditching One Ingredient3

After she quickly shed 9.5kg, in 2014 she started working out with a personal trainer, doing five sessions a week at the gym.

“I began doing serious cardio as well as body weights. Within a year I’d dropped over six stone [38kg] and couldn’t believe how much better I looked and felt.”

She replaced her favourite snacks with healthy alternatives from including high-protein gummy sweets and crisps.

Now, bursting with newfound energy at a svelte 49kg, Donna has a healthy breakfast of porridge or a bagel, eggs for lunch and dinner made from scratch like chilli.

Amazing Weight-Loss: I Lost 46kg By Ditching One Ingredient4

When she looks back on her wedding photos, Donna, 31, can’t believe the difference cutting out sugar has made.

“I now make my own food and don’t bother with supermarket ready meals. I love porridge, eggs and homemade chilli con carne,” says Donna, who has shed more than 46kg.

“To anyone wanting to make a change I would always tell them you need to be really self-motivated, no one is going to do it for you.

“But the rewards are incredible, I feel so much better in myself and love my new look. The days of size 22 dresses are long gone.

“I high-five myself in the mirror now all the time.”

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