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A Mother And Daughter’s Journey Of Eczema Transformation

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From severe eczema requiring hospitalisation, bleach baths, & UV light therapy; to living medication free for 3.5 years. Here Geeta Powani shares her story.

My little Mia was only three years old when she first got eczema, and within a few short years it took over her entire body.

She would cry all night itching and scratching. And in the morning, I would have to separate her bedsheets from her skin which had fused together from her weeping eczema.

No child should live like this.

My heart was broken. I felt so lost. So alone. So helpless.

In 2012 and 2013 Mia was admitted to hospital for five days each. She was bathed in bleach water (I would cringe inside, as I don’t use bleach at home), she was slathered with tubes of steroid ointment, wrapped head to toe in wet dressings and take antibiotics.

We continued this rigorous treatment at home, including having 12 months of UV light therapy in hospital. But even with all of this, Mia’s eczema continued to spread. Her only medical option available was to commence long term immune suppressant medication (requiring blood tests to make sure her organs were functioning properly).

My baby girl was disappearing before my eyes. The joyful ray of sunshine in our house, Mia, was no longer smiling or making eye contact with people. She was in so much pain.

So was I…. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t sleep… and Mia’s health consumed my every waking moment. I felt like I kept hitting a wall with every medical option we tried.

In a moment of clarity, I felt this surge of energy overcome me. Like a lioness protecting her baby cub.

I decided enough was enough!

I didn’t like the idea of Mia, going to hospitals, doctors, getting blood tests for the rest of her life.

I knew there had to be another way. And I wasn’t going to give up without a fight!

I had to do something different.

So, we started from the beginning. From healing the inside out.

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We commenced a gut healing diet, eliminated processed food, grain & dairy, and added gut healing fats, bone broths and fermented food (with good friendly bacteria).

At this time, I started mixing my own creams for Mia. I sourced raw food ingredients and mixed my own organic creams, eczema creams which Mia still uses today.

Finally, instead of feeling disempowered as I did before; For the first time I felt empowered, in-control, excited and filled hope!

This holistic approach really worked.

Mia’s skin, health and happiness were visibly improving before our eyes.

I started with taking just one step at a time. And each step lead me closer to my vision of seeing my beautiful Mia back to vibrant health again.

This story has a very happy ending, not only did Mia not require long term immune suppressant medication for her eczema; she hasn’t required any medication for 3.5 years.

Geeta is the Founder of My Mia’s Skin Reliefan online website dedicated to taking a holistic, natural and organic approach to manage eczema. 

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