The 6 Signs Of Healthy Ageing: How Do You Rate?

The 6 Signs Of Healthy Ageing: How Do You Rate?
Bannie Williams

Aug 23, 2021

Noticeable signs of ageing can become more apparent from the age of 50.

However, fuelling the body with the right nutrients including omega 3 can assist with the healthy ageing process.

As well as this, it can support an abundance of health benefits to ease natural age decline, including heart, joint, eye and cognitive health.

Take our quiz and assess whether you are ageing in the best possible way.


1. Your heart health is…

a)     Top form. The doctor gave me 10/10 last week.

b)     Oooh, I don’t know. I haven’t had my heart health checked for a while…

c)     Probably not great, I do little to no physical activity and could be considered overweight

If you answered:

a) Congratulations! A healthy heart is the key to longevity as well as a decreased risk of cardiovascular diseases. Living a healthy and balanced life will ensure your heart health maintains as well as assist with healthy ageing.

b) If you have not had a recent heart check and are over 50, it is recommended to see a GP for a full heart assessment. Your GP will advise you whether you are at a high or low risk for heart conditions.

c) A number of factors can compromise heart health including a poor diet, a sedentary lifestyle, overweight, diabetes and smoking. If you are suffering high cholesterol, high blood pressure or heart palpitations, you may also be at risk of poor heart health. Visiting a GP for a heart check immediately is recommended.

2. Your joint health support is…

a)     I’m still walking two kilometres a day and loving every step!

b)     I can barely get out of bed without feeling my joints crack.

c)     I have continual aches and pains and take anti-inflammatory medication

If you answered:

a)    Your joints sound like they are in great shape. However, ensuring your daily consumption of fish oil and omega 3 is recommended to assist with healthy joint maintenance.

b)    You may be at risk of joint health decline. Ensuring you are taking preventative steps including a healthy and active life as well as a fish oil supplement can assist with supporting the joints and prevent further decline.

c)     Joint pain can be a result of inflammation and can also cause extreme discomfort. Aches and pains can become more frequent from the early 50’s and can be supported with appropriate omega 3 and fish oil supplements.

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3. Your brain health is…

a)     I’m known as the Sudoku and Crossword Queen. In fact, I’m learning and retaining more information today than I was 30 years ago!

b)     I find I am having trouble retaining information and struggle to recall certain events

c)     My concentration fades and processing new information can be difficult at times

If you answered:

a)    Your brain sounds like it is great health and are at a low risk of cognitive and memory decline

b)    You may be at risk of age related cognitive decline. Consumption of a fish oil supplement rich in DHA can assist with cognitive function and assist with memory decline. Brain training exercises including crosswords can also help keep the mind and brain active.

c)     Omega 3 and 6 are extremely important for enhancing concentration as well as increasing brain transmission and signals. Seeing a GP for a brain health check up is recommended as well as ensuring a fish oil supplement rich in DHA.

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4. Memory: Which best describes you?

a)     I can recall the date and time of almost anything… just ask!

b)     It’s not bad, although as I get older I tend to forget details of events

c)     I have a shocking memory and it seems to be getting worse

If you answered:

a)    Your memory appears to be in great shape and don’t need to be concerned.

b)     Natural memory loss can occur as age declines and whilst it can be frustrating, it differs to memory loss related conditions including dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. However, essential fatty acids including omega 3 and 6 have been found to support natural memory decline as well as decrease the risk of memory related conditions.

c)     You may be at risk of memory related conditions and should seek medical attention. Ensuring adequate consumption of fish oil and omega 3 can assist with the risk of memory related conditions.


5. Your Eye heath and vision is…

a)     Fantastic, I don’t need glasses and things are crystal clear!

b)     Not bad, I just have glasses to help me read

c)     Shocking! I feel as blind as a bat sometimes and my eyes strain continually

If you answered:

a)     Your eye and retina sounds like they are in excellent form

b)     Eye and vision deterioration is a difficult part of ageing. However, eye health can be supported by a diet enriched with omega 3 and DHA through either supplementation or oily fish consumption at least 2-3 times per week.

c)     Oh dear, it is recommended you have an eye check as you may be at risk of poor eye health. A fish oil supplement can help support eye health throughout the ageing process.

6. Your general health and well-being is…

a)     Fantastic! I live a healthy lifestyle and have regular check ups at the GP

b)     Could be better…. But I am open to change as I get older

c)     I struggle to maintain a healthy diet/lifestyle.

If you answered:

a)    General health and wellbeing is the key to age prevention and the healthy ageing process. Keep up the healthy lifestyle and maintain regular physical activity.

b)    Living a healthy and active lifestyle come hand in hand to promote cardiovascular, joint and cognitive health. Seek recommendations from a GP in regards to making positive changes to your current lifestyle. Regular health check ups are also recommended to ensure optimal health and organ function.

c)     A poor diet and excess alcohol can have many negative health implications and prevent overall health and wellbeing. You may also be at risk of cardiovascular diseases, poor joint, eye and brain health See a GP for a health check up and kick the bad habits to promote overall health and longevity.

Make sure you stay on top of your health and use this quiz to help you get on track.

How did you score? Tell us below…


By Bannie Williams

Bannie Williams is a Nutritionist, former model and the founder of The Healthy Ingredient- a holistic nutritional consultancy based in Melbourne. Having since completed Nutrition and Food Sciences at University, Bannie is a powerhouse in the world of Nutrition. From nutrition writing, to health food recipe development, Bannie is all about holistic living. Bannie is the resident nutritionist for a number of publications including The Carousel and Cleo magazine. Bannie also practices as an Associate Nutritionist through her Melbourne based consultancy. All recipes and images posted on The Healthy Ingredient are Bannie’s delicious, clean creations all individually designed to have a superior nutritional profile.


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