Yoga Pose Of The Week: Goddess Pose

Trudy Vains

Yoga Expert

Jan 25, 2022

Goddess pose is a divine pose which is really easy to do, yet it does take strength and stability. This is because Goddess pose is a wide leg standing squat which brings in warmth and energy.

AKA – Utkata Konasnana 

It’s a strong asana as it opens the hips and chest, while toning the entire body.  Among the many benefits of this pose are stability through grounding and earthing plus strengthening of your lower body and hips at the same time.

While being a strong and concentrative pose, it also brings great benefit to pregnancy as it stretches inner thighs, groin and hips.  The suppleness which can be created by regular practice of this pose can be very beneficial with labour and birth as it represents a mix of stretch, strength and breath.

This pose is fantastic for repetition, with movement between squatting and standing. This doesn’t need to be done in fast motion but with purposeful movement and deep breathing.

Yoga Goddess Pose

The Goddess Pose


  • Stretches hips, groin and chest
  • Tones and strengthens core muscles
  • Strengthens legs
  • Tones upper back
  • Creates more room in the pelvis are in preparation for childbirth
  • Improves digestion

How to get there: 

  • Start in Tadasana Pose – see here.
  • Stand with your feet at hip width apart.
  • Now step your feet apart wide.
  • Bring your heels to point inwards and your toes to point outwards.
  • Bend your knees outward, in the direction of your big toes.
  • Stay tall through your spine.
  • Activate your core – belly button to spine.
  • Draw your shoulder blades back and downward, lift your chest and tuck your tailbone.
  • Arms out at shoulder height, then bend elbows, fingertips pointing up to the ceiling.

To exit this pose: 

  • Bring your hands onto your hips
  • Engage your core – belly button to spine
  • Straighten your legs
  • Step your feet in to hip width apart
  • Finish in Tadasana


If you’re not able to stretch your arms, simply leave hands on hips or thighs.

Instead of a standing squat, sit on a chair with wide legs or lean against a wall.


Pre-existing hip, knee, ankle or shoulder injuries.

Enjoy this pose!

Always be kind to yourself, move with ease and grace.  You are the most important person in your life.


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By Trudy Vains

Yoga Expert

Trudy Vains is an Author, Yoga Teacher, and APP creator. Trudy’s book, 'Fused,' provides inspiration and a positive mindset in overcoming challenges. Trudy’s APP - 'Back Happy Yoga,' provides classes for mobility issues, back aches and pains, and stretches you can do at your desk.



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