Revolved Triangle Pose

Revolved Triangle Pose
Trudy Vains

Yoga Expert

Jul 26, 2022

Parivrtta – Revolve

Trikona – Triangle

Asana – Posture

A standing yoga pose with a twist. Also known as Reverse Triangle Pose.

Revolved Triangle is a pose that even the most experienced of yogis find challenging, however once you perfect it, Revolved triangle has some fantastic benefits that extend beyond your yoga mat (and practice) and into your daily life, by increasing flexibility and improving mental clarity and focus as well.

Revolved Triangle pose is a glorious stretch for your whole body. The pose when practiced with poise, patience, and determination, it can help with releasing energy blocks and physical tension throughout your entire body. If you suffer from backaches regularly this pose may help, as ‘you’ create a twist that suits your body awareness. The Revolved Triangle pose is often in sequence after a full body warm up and generally after triangle pose, which is a preparatory posture and makes sure that your body is centred.

The benefits are vast!

  • It’s a full body stretch.
  • Strengthens and lengthens legs and hips.
  • Brings awareness to core muscles.
  • Great twist of the spine.
  • Creates openness at chest and shoulders.
  • Improves stability, and balance awareness.
  • Enhances focus and concentration.
  • Stimulates your mind.
  • Instigates willpower.
  • Relieves anxious energy.
  • Creates a powerful foundation.

See how it encompasses the whole body and mind?

How to get there

  • Starting in a wide leg pose, facing the long edge of your mat, toes pointing forward.
  • Turn your right foot to point towards the short end of the mat, and shift your left foot to 45 degree angle.
  • Find your balance, even if that means moving your feet a bit wider apart (wider, not longer)
  • Square your hips forward, facing them towards the short edge of the mat.
  • Deeply inhale, and engage your core, place hands on hips and spine is long.
  • Deeply exhale, lean forward from the hips and bring your upper body parallel to the floor.
  • Bring left hand and place it on the outside of your right foot.
  • Settle here for a moment, then bring right hand to hip. 
  • Now adjust in the pose to level everything out, find the pose that suits you today. 
  • Bring right arm up towards the ceiling, and open your chest.
  • Eye gaze follows the top hand.

Stay here for 5 long breaths.  Keeping core engaged, legs strong, feel grounded and safe.

How to exit the pose

  • With your core still engaged, slowly lower right arm down.
  • Square hips so your upper body is parallel to the floor.
  • Bring hands to hips, make sure your core is active, and slowly come back up to standing.

Repeat the pose on the other side.

Revolved Triangle Pose


Pre-existing lower back injury.

Low or high blood pressure.


Only you know how your body will feel in this pose, go gently and don’t force anything.

Need help or props?

For balance and alignment:

Place hand on the inside of your foot rather than outside.

Use a yoga block to place your hand, instead of the floor.

Place your upper hand on your hip, instead of reaching hand up.

Press your back heel against a wall to stop it from lifting.

Yoga can be modified in many different ways, you just need to do what feels good for you!

Always be kind to yourself, move with ease and grace.  You are the most important person in your life.



By Trudy Vains

Yoga Expert

Trudy Vains is an Author, Yoga Teacher, and APP creator. Trudy’s book, 'Fused,' provides inspiration and a positive mindset in overcoming challenges. Trudy’s APP - 'Back Happy Yoga,' provides classes for mobility issues, back aches and pains, and stretches you can do at your desk.


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