Pilates Move Of The Week: Let Your Hands Do The Walking With The Walk Out Plank

Pilates Move Of The Week: Let Your Hands Do The Walking With The Walk Out Plank
Aaron Smith

Pilates Expert

Sep 16, 2021

A spin on the traditional plank, the walk out plank incorporates much more upper body and adds intensity to the exercise. This move is great to add into a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout and is an easy exercise to make more challenging as pointed out below.

Starting position

Start in a forward fold position with your legs long and upper body flexed over reaching for your toes (if you can’t touch your toes with your legs long just bend your knees slightly until you can). Enjoy the stretch on the hamstrings (back of thighs) in this position and relax your breathing.

Exercise Execution

  1. Engage your abdominals as your hands reach for the floor. Again, If you need to bend your knees to do so then go for it.
  2. As your hands hit the mat, slowly lean forward and feel your weight transferring to your hands.
  3. One hand at a time slowly walk your body out until you come to a full plank position (shoulders over hands, eyes on the mat and a straight line from your head to your feet.
  4. Re-activate your core by pulling your belly button up towards your spine.
  5. HOLD here for 10-15secs.
  6. Slowly return by walking your hands back one at a time until you feel the weight transfer back to your feet and you return to the starting position feeling the stretch again through your hamstrings.


  1. Exhale as you forward fold.
  2. Inhale to prepare and as your hands start the walk slowly exhale.
  3. In the full plank position take controlled deep breathes, with the exhale a cue to lift up through the core to constantly re-engage the abdominals.
  4. Inhale to prepare and exhale as you walk your hands back to the starting position.


Start out with 2-3 sets of 6-8 repetitions and increase if desired.


In the full plank position, raise one leg whilst keeping your hips in line. Change legs half way through the hold. For the crazy strong out there you may also wish to raise your opposing hand in the hold to, but be warned – this advancement is tough!


KX Tip

To add KX intensity to the exercise, add 1-3 push ups when in the full plank hold. After coming back to the starting position, slowly stand up straight and add a jump to the beginning of the exercise to get that heart rate pumping!

Aaron Smith is the CEO & Founder – KX Group. KX is a boutique fitness company with 17 studios across Melbourne and Sydney, offering dynamic pilates, barre and yoga. KX also run international retreats to Vanuatu and Bali.

Model: Cherida Forde, KX International Retreats Trainer.


By Aaron Smith

Pilates Expert

Aaron Smith is The Carousel’s resident pilates expert and Founder/Owner of Australia’s first high performance pilates group, KX Pilates. In 2009 he returned from living abroad with a vision to bring a new way of fitness training to Australia. “I loved the style and concept behind dynamic pilates, but I could see some areas for improvement, where I could add my own touch. I returned to Australia in 2009 and opened my first studio, in Melbourne, in 2010″, Smith said. Smith is now an award winning entrepreneur and franchisor, with 17 KX studios across Melbourne and Sydney, re-branding as the ‘KX Group’ and expanding the service offer to include; high performance pilates, assisted yoga, barre and international fitness retreats. Smith holds a Bachelor of Science (double major in exercise physiology/pharmacology), trained in advanced STOTT reformer pilates and is a KX Pilates Master Trainer.



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