No Libido? Elusive Orgasms? Bedroom Hang-Ups? Here’s The Answer

No Libido? Elusive Orgasms? Bedroom Hang-Ups? Here’s The Answer
Franki Hobson


Sep 22, 2022

The new buzzzz word in bedrooms is not what you think. It’s actually ‘sexologist’. Juliet Allen, HERO Condoms Sexologist, has heard is privy to many couple’s sex lives and between the sheets issues. “As a sexologist, a big part of my job is to spend time with amazing people who want to solve their sex challenges and feel empowered as sexual beings,” Juliet explains. “Sexuality coaching is fast becoming popular globally and I believe it’s an essential ingredient if you’re seeking a healthy and pleasurable sex life.”

No Libido? Elusive Orgasms? Bedroom Hang-Ups? Here’s The Answer

So what the heck is sexuality coaching? And more importantly, can it help you? “Well, it’s about getting real with how you desire to feel and what you want to experience sexually,” explains Juliet. “As a sexuality coach, I give my clients tools that will empower them to move forward and create opportunities for growth and exploration. If you’re seeking more sex, and more fulfilling sex, then sexuality coaching is for you. I guess you can liken coaching to therapy, but coaching focuses on moving forward and getting what you want.”

Here, Juliet reveals three common challenges her clients face, and how sexuality coaching helps…

#1 “My libido has disappeared and my partner is over it.”

“Lack of libido is common for both women and men. Life has it’s ups and downs, and so does our sex drive. There are many factors that can affect libido with the common ones being hormone changes, parenthood, lack of sleep, lack of communication, a failing relationship, boredom, death of a family member… to name a few. My number one tip for anyone who experiences this is to communicate with your partner and let them know that you’re committed to working through it. A lack of libido doesn’t have to spell the end of a relationship, but there does need to be understanding and mutual respect from both parties for it to be dealt with effectively. Never fear! Your sex drive will return!”

#2 “I can’t reach orgasm solely through penetrative sex.”

“Most women can’t reach orgasm solely through penetration – 70% of women need clitoral stimulation to climax. It’s very important that this is taken into account when enjoying penetrative sex. To reach the big O, I recommend reaching down and touching your clitoris, or asking your partner to. You may also like to use a vibrator to stimulate yourself. Explore what works for you through masturbation, and then add it into sex with your partner. Sexual health is really important, so if you are single, be safe and use protection. Condoms are the most effective barrier against STIs and pregnancy. I support HERO Condoms because they donate one condom to developing countries for every condom sold in Australia.”

#3 “I want to feel like a sexy, powerful woman… but I don’t know how.”

“What does a sexy, powerful woman look and feel like for you? Is she healthy and fit? Or is she relaxed and feminine? Every woman has a different picture of what sexy and powerful looks like – it’s up to you to paint that picture and then do whatever you can to help make yourself feel like that. Feeling this way may simply come from sexual experience (jumping in the deep end and learning what feels good for you), or it may come from increasing self-love and letting go of any shame and guilt surrounding sex. Again, every woman is different, and there is no right and wrong way to deal with this challenge. ”



Juliet Allen is HERO Condoms sexologist— a company that donates one condom to developing countries for every one bought in Australia, to help stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and save lives.




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