Kamalaya’s Heart Gratitude Meditation – Positivity And Appreciation

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Dec 18, 2019

We live stressful lives. Sometimes it’s hard to find time for ourselves in the midst of our careers and social lives. It is absolutely normal to have worse days than others, but find comfort in the ability to wipe the slate clean at the end of the day and focus on the positives of the day, of your surroundings and of yourself.

Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa has this extremely simple meditation routine composed by Kamalaya Life Enhancement Mentor, Sujay Seshadri, that will not only calm the mind, but focus your thoughts on appreciation and positivity.

Sujay has for the last 16 years worked with people to discover greater levels of commitment, success, love and increased physical and emotional wellbeing, merely by bringing about a shift in their perception. He believes that life is a constant process of learning and feels motivated and blessed to share his learning and experiences with others.

Here is Sujay’s meditation and how to do it:

Why do it?

To help you connect to the heart and feelings of love and gratitude. This meditation helps you to unwind yourself at the end of the day and re-energise your body and mind. It is a way to learn to allow ourselves to feel positive emotions in the body.

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How do you do it?


Get into a comfortable posture, either seated or lying down.


Please ask yourself “is there anything positive in my life at the moment?” Appreciate, smile and thank life for such an experience.

Now ask yourself “has anybody ever given me anything positive?” Appreciate, smile and thank those people for their love, help, support, knowledge etc…

Kamalaya, meditation

Take a few moments to appreciate and enjoy reminiscing the positive moments experienced today. As you appreciate them, smile and thank today for bringing all this positivity int your life.

Thank nature and life around you with a smile. See how much we receive from everything around us every moment with gratitude.

Appreciate and embrace yourself for allowing you to receive these positive feelings.

When to do it

This can be practiced anytime during or at the end of the day (preferably bed time).

Where to do it

Good to be practiced in a comfortable and relaxing place.

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More about Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa

Kamalaya is a multi award winning wellness sanctuary and holistic spa on the tropical southern coastline of Koh Samui offering inspired healthy cuisine alongside a choice of tailored wellness programmes including detox, weight loss, stress & burnout, sleep and personalised yoga.

Kamalaya recently launched a brand new wellness program ‘Enriched Gut’

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