4 Simple Ways You Can Heal Through Vibrational Healing

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Writer - Rebecca Peres

Mar 20, 2022

We’ve all had our share of losses. At least, relatively. 

Going through vibrational healing of anything holding you back from living the highest version of yourself, can be pretty intense. Even more intense if you don’t find the right medium to channel that negative energy. Or better still, finding a way to fill up the vacuum that the loss leaves you with. Whichever way you decide, it is important to heal amidst it all and forge ahead.

Well, that begets the question— how do you forge ahead? Or simply put, how do you heal? A way to do this is through vibrational healing, which has a lot to do with vibrational energy— the energy that creates healing vibrations. You are a living energy field and you constantly vibrate and create energy.

Amy Bingham— energy healer and owner of Lean Into Your Glow, LLC, reveals 4 simple ways you can make use of vibrational healing.

Let Go of the Pain

Although this is easier said than done, letting go of the pain is the first bold step you have to take if you really want to heal.

Amy Bingham talks about vibrational healing
Photo credit: Amy Bingham, with permission

Amy suggests that you have to release every emotion in your body that had your trauma imprinted on it. “Ask what you are holding onto that is not allowing your soul to be aligned with the highest vibration level that you are meant to be living from.  And then ask your higher self to release everything that is no longer serving you, and allow healing. Surrender to this letting go process. The moment you bring awareness to what needs to be released, it surfaces to allow you to work on it. This is how you constantly raise your vibration,” Amy advises. 

We naturally vibrate at a very high frequency, but we often pick up many things through our experiences that lower our vibration. We just need to release all the pain and the limiting beliefs about ourselves, and embrace who we really are as divine beings. 

Find Purpose and Clarity

Seek divine purpose in every situation. This is another way to increase your vibration. 

Take a moment and write down what really is buried down inside you that truly needs to be unveiled. It could be something small that doesn’t surface very often, yet you know that it is holding you back from true inner peace. Soon, you will start noticing the repeating thought patterns, unnecessary fear, or negative behaviors that are not in your best interest. When this appears, repeat; “I am open to healing, I am open to releasing, I am open to receiving.” 

While you are doing this work to heal, you gradually raise your own vibration. 

Rewrite Your Story

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Once you’ve been able to find clarity, then you’ve got a chance to rewrite your story and change the narrative. 

You get to release the stories you’ve been telling yourself. Stories of unworthiness or self-shaming. You also get to rewrite the endings of these stories. You’ve got the power to change a story from; he left me, people always leave me, why am I hard to love… e.t.c.  

Amy exemplifies how you can do this; “for instance, you can change your thoughts to; thank you for giving me an opportunity to see where I have been lacking self-love, and thank you for removing the connection so I can now heal & grow from this experience. Shift the story you write about every experience that has come to an end. Wrap it up in so much self love, awareness, and growth mindset,” she says.

If you feed your heart’s energy with love and acceptance, you’re gradually changing your story. 


We raise our vibration by specifically feeling into the emotion that we want to match. This can be done through meditation or affirmations. With “I am” affirmations, connecting to your soul through sacred dance, and daydreaming of magic unfolding, you reach out to a higher level of vibration.

Find every way to have a tiny experience of that feeling each day. Once you find the feeling you are wanting the universe to match you with, sit in the magical experience of that feeling for as long as you can, and keep inviting this energy in every day. By doing this, you’ll attract it to appear in all aspects of your life.


By Rebecca Peres Rebecca Peres has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Writer - Rebecca Peres

Rebecca Peres is a senior software engineer. She is also a regular contributor for The Carousel and Women Love Tech.



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