How to Actually Start Getting Up Early

Steph Pase

Apr 22, 2024

Let me set the scene of where I was ten years ago. My mornings started somewhere around 11am and any sort of daily routine was a completely foreign concept to me. I stumbled into every day like a zombie with no plan whatsoever with the demands of the world at my feet and no energy to tackle it all.

I then entered the world of motherhood, where I had now tiny humans who relied on me. This was a huge wakeup call. It wasn’t long after becoming a mama that I decided that this just wasn’t working for me anymore and that something had to change.

I decided that I wanted to try getting up early so I could have some time to myself.

Steph Pase and her kids

Long story short, I did it and have never gone back. And it changed my life.

I felt so much more productive, my days felt easier, my moods improved, and I felt like a better mum. I felt that I could show up properly for the day ahead.

So how did I actually shift my sleep schedule and stick to it?

Well, I have a few life-changing hacks that I used to gently shift my sleep cycle and allow my body to gradually get used to waking earlier.

Customise Your AM Routine

A morning routine is not a one-size-fits-all. Forget what your fave influencer is doing — a 4 am meditation, green juice, lemon water and a 10km run is nice for some, but not what you should strive for. It’s all about what suits you.

To determine your perfect morning routine, I want you to ask yourself: How much extra time will I have in the morning with my new wake-up time? What things do I love? What would make me feel good in order to start my day in a good headspace? Build your routine around this!

getting up early
How to Actually Start Getting Up Early

The Closing Shift

Your morning routine actually starts the night before. Before you go to bed each night, do things like tidying up, putting the dishes away, laying out your workout clothes, prepping food and snacks for the next day, and winding down properly so you have a good sleep.


Here it is! The hack to getting up earlier without shocking your system. So here’s what you do: Get up 15 minutes earlier every week, for 4 weeks. So let’s say you currently get up at 7 am but want to get up at 6 am; your new wake up times will be the following:

Current wake up time 7am

Week 1- 6:45 am

Week 2- 6:30 am

Week 3- 6:15 am

Week 4- 6:00 am

Consistency is Key

There is a reason why you feel exhausted every Monday morning. If you sleep in on the weekends, your body has to readjust every single week to an inconsistent sleep schedule. Don’t beat yourself up, late nights and sleep-ins will happen, but for the most part, consistency is key.


The first thing I do upon waking is drink 250ml of water. This kick-starts the body after a night of fasting and dehydration, instantly making me feel more awake.

getting up early
How to Actually Start Getting Up Early

Move Your Body

When we wake up in the morning, our body experiences a ‘cortisol awakening response’ — a big spike in cortisol levels. For the most part, cortisol gets a bad rap for being the stress hormone, BUT it actually plays a huge role in helping us to wake up. We can use this cortisol spike to not only help us get out of bed, but feel more alert and motivated when we do. So it’s the perfect time to incorporate movement in your day. Get the blood flowing, endorphins pumping, reduce your anxiety, and promote focus and calm. Another plus? If you do it first thing, your brain barely has time to register that it’s happening and can’t talk you out of it by the end of the day!

Hack Your Phone

Try charging your phone on the other side of the room. This way you have to get up to turn off the alarm. You can also use focus mode, which restricts access to certain apps until an hour or so after you wake. It’s not foolproof, but it does provide an extra barrier to stop yourself mindlessly scrolling.

Trial, Error and Evolution

A morning routine should evolve with you! Depending on what season of life you’re in, what’s working and what’s not! Trial different routines until you find the one. And then when that’s not working, try another!


By Steph Pase

Steph Pase is the organisational expert and powerhouse mum of two behind Just Another Mummy Blog who first stepped on the social scene by empowering the households of many to re-organise their homes, launching the popular and viral term of #stephing. It wasn’t long before her platform grew, and with 254K @justanothermummyblog Instagram followers, she now has a loyal Australian following. From there, her successful business Steph Pase Planners was born. You can purchase Steph Pase organisational tools and planners at



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