4 Things Every Woman Should Know (Who’d Have Guessed!)

4 Things Every Woman Should Know
Franki Hobson


Jul 26, 2021

#1 The part we call the ‘vagina’ is not actually the vagina.

Say what?! The vagina is actually an internal organ – the birth canal. The correct term for all those external organs we can see is the vulva. This includes the labia majora, which are the fleshy, fatty lips covered with pubic hair; the labia minora, the thin inner flaps of skin located within the labia majora; the clitorial hood, clitoris and vestibule. So maybe instead of nicknaming our lady parts the Va-jay-jay, we should rename them the Va-lava-lava? Just an idea…

#2 There’s a correct way to clean down there…

The vulva is super sensitive with delicate skin, so go easy down there! Don’t over wash, use harsh products, or rub with cloths when cleaning. And don’t clean internally – nature takes care of this for us via discharge! Instead, wash daily using gentle finger pressure with tepid water or a pH balanced feminine wash that’s gentle on the skin, but cleans effectively. This will cleanse and help prevent odours, while nourishing the good bacteria to maintain a healthy vulvar environment. The pH balance of your vagina is important to maintain (some washes, irritants and perfumed products, as well as other things like sex, menopause and underwear can affect the pH balance), so choose products specifically designed for the vagina. After washing, gently pat dry with a clean towel.

#3 Your genital area has more sweat glands than anywhere else on your body.

That’s right, your unsung hero has been working overtime down there. The labia minora contains sebaceous and sweat glands, and lubrication comes courtesy of the vestibule (the area between the labia minora skin flaps). Sweat and lubrication are completely normal, as is vaginal discharge, which can produce an odour. Every woman has a normal odour so it’s important to identify what’s normal for you, and what’s not. Exercise, heat, periods, irritants and a host of other culprits can exacerbate sweating and the odour, as well as causing itching, chafing and burning. Don’t sweat it. To control excessive perspiration, try some of these tricks: shower promptly after exercising or sweating, use a talc-free moisture-absorbing product or odour-blocking wipe, remove sweaty undergarments and replace with clean cotton knickers that absorb moisture, and maintain a healthy daily cleansing regime. If the odour or wetness is unusual, then it could be a red flag, so consult your health professional.

#4 Itching is more common than you think.

Not the usual topic of conversation over a glass of wine with the girls, but if it were, you’d discover that vulvar itching is a lot more common than you might think. It affects women of all ages, with 41% of women who experience itching being 35-44. The cause? Well, there are more than 60 culprits, however the most prominent in Australian women are perspiration, undergarments, using non pH Balanced washes or perfumed soaps to clean your vagina, some medications, stress, wearing tight clothing, even the onset of your period. First thing’s first: if you suspect you know what the irritant is, then eliminate it (tight synthetic fabrics? perfumed soap?). Alleviate itching, burning and discomfort with an over-the-counter cream that soothes and allows for natural healing. Avoid sex and scratching, which can exacerbate the problem, and don’t even bother consulting Dr Google. If symptoms persist, see your health practitioner who can diagnose and advise proper treatment.

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By Franki Hobson


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