Effects of Burnout, and How to Treat It

Effects of Burnout, and How to Treat It

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Sophia Smith

Lifestyle Writer

Sep 15, 2023

The culture we live in values working overtime and spending a lot of time dealing with tasks and projects related to one’s job. So, the higher you are on the corporate ladder, the bigger are chances that you are dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety. Managing multiple clients, projects and tasks might seem exciting at first, but as time goes by, it is very likely to develop symptoms of burnout without even noticing. Many people end up feeling quite ill due to the fact that they were not able to recognize the symptoms of exhaustion. Therefore, if you find yourself lost and unsure of your next steps do amid too much work pressure, here are some effects of burnout and proper ways to treat them

1. Everything irritates you

Everything irritates you

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Did your spouse has left their dirty socks on the floor again? Or is that annoying co-worker slurping their ice-coffee too loudly, that it drives you absolutely crazy? If you have noticed that everything irritates you to the maximum, maybe that is actually a sign of burnout rather than something to get used to. Being prone to angry outbursts or lacking patience is never pleasant, so instead of sucking it up, it is advisable to find help and heal yourself. Taking some time off work can be of great help, especially if you’ve been spending a lot of time in your office lately.

2. There is nothing to look forward to anymore

There is nothing to look forward to anymore

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The constant pessimism and emotional detachment are also signs of burnout but also depression, so if you have noticed that you lack enthusiasm for things that you usually enjoy, it might be down to burnout. Withdrawing yourself from certain events and feeling a lack of motivation are serious issues that need to be addressed. In case your symptoms persist, be sure to consult a mental health professional who will be able to help you learn coping strategies.

3. Your sleep is not what it used to be

Your sleep is not what it used to be

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A good night’s sleep is vital to your health, and constant work stress can affect the quality of your sleep. Therefore, in case you’ve been dealing with issues such as falling asleep, waking up in the middle of the night or having nightmares, then it is essential to do something about it. Sleeping pills are usually a quick solution, but using broad spectrum CBD oils is more soothing and beneficial to your health. These type of products are better in the long run, especially for those who suffer from chronic anxiety and restlessness.

4. Time-management has become an impossible task

Time-management has become an impossible task

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When you are preoccupied with work, you tend to get lost and forget about other things that matter. That’s why many people who suffer from burnout syndrome, have terrible time-management skills. However, this is possible to fix, but it’s important to become more organized and learn to prioritize. Using time-management apps and techniques to organize your day-to-day life can take a huge load off your back. Also, finding a way to delegate your tasks to other people in your team will be of great help as you won’t feel so pressured and busy anymore.

5. Using unhealthy ways to cope

Using unhealthy ways to cope

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Working too much does not leave you with enough room to have a lot of hobbies, which is why many over-stressed people find solace in unhealthy and damaging behaviour such as excessive drinking or overeating. Hence, it’s important to replace those negative habits with positive and healthy ones, so next time you feel like forgetting your work troubles, it’s better to take a walk than go to a bar. Doing yoga, meditation, running and preparing healthy snacks are all fun activities that will boost your self-esteem and reduce stress.


Burnout is a serious problem that often gets overlooked or brushed under the carpet. Addressing the symptoms of burnout is a sure way towards betterment, and it is entirely up to you to decide about your treatment. Therapy, breathing techniques, herbal teas and oils or eventually, a change of job are all things worth considering if you want to be productive, happy and unburdened at work.

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By Sophia Smith

Lifestyle Writer

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