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Edwina Bartholomew Talks To Sweep Co-Creator Robyn Foyster

The new Sweep shopping app  uses geo-location, messaging and augmented reality to engage users with the world around them in an innovative way, and CEO and Co-creator Robyn Foyster explains why it’s the ultimate personalised shopping experience.

Set to revolutionise the retail industry Sweep has created a new platform for consumers to find bargains tailored to their choice and allows online and bricks and mortar retailers to reach their specific market, using the very latest in technology, and an added bonus – it’s Australian technology. 

Sweep Shopping app co-creator Robyn Foyster
Sweep app Co-creator Robyn Foyster, who is also the owner and founder of The Carousel, Women Love Tech and Game Changers

Foyster explains how it works: “Simply open up the app, choose the category you’re shopping for, such as fashion and select from the massive range of special deals available to you”. 

But it’s not a solitary experience, the Sweep community interacts with each other to share deals and they all reap the benefits. “People get rewarded by posting good deals. And if they’re really good deals they earn lots of ‘likes in the same way as they do on Facebook or Instagram.’”


Sweep Shopping App Co-creators Philip Ip, Robyn Foyster and Subin Park

While it’s designed to make the experience fun for everyone, the app has hit the right note with shopping-savvy millennials who love the technology, the design and the accessibility to be able to grab a bargain as soon as it’s available.  

It’s not restricted to online though, the geolocation aspect of the app aids physical browsing of the stores around the user (known as a Sweeper) so shop owners are loving it too!  While it’s a free app for all users, retailers in particular are encouraged to use this new tool in the battle for customers – this inventive technology is an easy and immediate way to spread the word of their deals.  Sweep is an impulse buyers dream come true.

Robyn points out that the augmented reality aspect “is bringing the fun back into the experience of shopping”.  

To download the app click below:

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Edwina Bartholomew is an Australian journalist and television presenter. The Sunrise presenter has covered everything from the Olympics to the Oscars. Now, as the host of Game Changers, she interviews inspirational people in business and entrepreneurs.

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