Baby Whisperer’s Top 5 Tips To Teach Your Baby How To Sleep Well!

Jacinta Tynan

Apr 23, 2020

‘Baby-whisperer’ Jo Ryan gives her top five tips on getting your baby to sleep well.

Know how long your baby should be awake for.

Know how much sleep your baby needs for a 24 hour period.

Don’t be afraid to put your baby down awake. They will often be able to fall asleep on their own if you let them try. 

Know your baby will develop strong sleep associations. So remember if you are repeating the same thing time and time again they will become dependant upon that.

And, go with your gut. You know your baby better than anyone else so follow that.

getting your baby to sleep
Trust your gut! You know your baby best.
mum Victoria Kingsbury
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By Jacinta Tynan

Jacinta Tynan is a proud mother of two young boys. The former Sky Newsreader helps ease new mother’s lives by sharing the expert advice she receives along the way as she raises her own children. Her segments are full of useful tips and advice about how to make the most of this motherhood journey. Jacinta is also the author of Mother Zen (Harlequin) part memoir, part manifesto of modern motherhood about her attempts to be a more conscious and present parent. She also publishes a website motherzen.com interviewing parenting experts and other parents about how to make motherhood easier.


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