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TIA Wellness
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May 05, 2024

There are three main things that set TIA Wellness apart from other luxury health resorts. The first comes down to the wellness philosophy at the beach front retreat in Danang, Vietnam. Unlike other destinations, TIA Wellness Resort offers extensive support for guests wanting to embark on a plant-based diet and intermittent fasting plan at the same time.

From my experience, this is quite unique and given more people are turning to a plant-based lifestyle for both ethical and health reasons, it is also somewhat surprising. For me, it provided the perfect opportunity to discover the benefits of following a vegan diet and eating within an eight hour window each day to help improve my digestive health and overall wellbeing. And I definitely benefited from the experience, particularly because the vegan menu is so rich in nutrition, filling yet feels much lighter on the stomach and utterly delicious and leaves you feeling more energetic.

The third main difference is that every single room features a private plunge pool. So rather than this being available at a more expensive rate, every guest gets to enjoy their own luxury private pool experience, which instantly makes you feel indulged and spoiled. It also allows you to really relax and unwind and enjoy the quietness of your own space.

TIA Wellness one bedroom suite
One bedroom villa at the luxury retreat TIA Wellness in Danang, Vietnam

During my three day programme at TIA Wellness, I found I regained a sense of wellness and inner calm just by taking in the immense beauty of my surroundings and the ability to catch up on much-needed rest. It also helps that the rooms are so well appointed and tastefully designed. The aesthetic is very modern and designed in such a way every room overlooks the private pool area. I particularly love the sunken bath that looks out at the walled pool area.

TIA Wellness bed
TIA Wellness’s bedrooms combines comfort and an elegant design

There is something special about being surrounded by water – it really helps awaken your senses. The creators of TIA Wellness were obviously aware of the benefit of this because you are quite literally surrounded by water everywhere you go.

Once I was able to prize myself away from the pool suite, I ventured to the outdoor infinity pool which is surrounded by swaying palm trees and overlooks a white sandy beach. Then, I headed to the Wellness area and was spellbound by a stunning pool and waterfall framed by tropical flowers.

There are flowers and vast areas of greenery everywhere. As you enter the wellness area, you walk past huge banana trees and manicured lawns lined with frangipani and jasmine which fill the air with their magnificent scents. But the signature flower at TIA Wellness is the Gerbera.

You see a profusion of colourful flowers brightening up every interior and outdoor area at TIA Welnness and this contrasts brilliantly against the mainly white walls that dominate the buildings. There are displays of gerberas in vases in the foyer, the lounge of the wellness rooms and the restaurant table settings. As someone who has always been beguiled by these exquisite flowers, I decided to look up what gerberas symbolize and discover they signify innocence, purity, cheerfulness and loyal love.

Interestingly, the Egyptians believed that they symbolised a closeness to nature and a devotion to the sun, whereas the Celts thought they lessened the sorrows and stresses of everyday life. No wonder they are so befitting to the surroundings at TIA.

TIA Wellness Ocean Restaurant
TIA Wellness Ocean Bistro boasts many gastronomic delights

TIA Wellness Retreat Programs

My programme is the Retreat Inclusive which follows the philosophy of a “King, Prince, Pauper” diet aimed at enhancing your metabolism, improving sleep, balancing hormones, increasing physical activity, improving digestion, stabilising blood sugar levels, reducing stress and anxiety.

It kicks off with a hearty raw three course breakfast including a green smoothie and a tantalising blend of papaya, orange, mango, turmeric, banana, chia seeds, almonds, and coconut flakes. Then after a filling two course lunch – typically combining dishes such as mushroom dumplings, roasted cauliflower and pear crumble – the dinner is much lighter by comparison. The programme says it is designed this way to help your digestion.

“This strategic distributon of calories aims to offer energy for the day’s pursuits while easing digestion in the evening.”

Information from the Retreat Inclusive Program

At the start of your stay, you receive the planned menu programme which changes each day of your stay. Dinner, for example, typically includes two light dishes. One night I had a warm citrus salad made with spiced pomelo and orange segments and star anise and cinnamon followed by raw vegetable rice made from cauliflower, carrots, mushrooms, sprouts, red pepper with tamari and orange sauce. On another night, I enjoyed chilled watermelon and lime soup followed by raw lasagne. Each meal was tasty but it was also much smaller than breakfast and lunch, and I had to adjust to this new way of eating, which I did by focusing on the positive benefits this was having on my health.

Benefits of a plant-based diet

Improved Mood, Increased Energy Levels, Better Cognitive Function, Reduced Anxiety and Stress, Enhanced Sleep Quality, Weight Management

Information from the Retreat Inclusive Programme

The program reminds you to keep yourself well hydrated and there is a mix of drinks in the mini-bar such as lemon grass tea, juice or water. You are also advised that if you feel hungry during the day to ‘treat yourself to a refreshing coconut, packed with electrolytes’ or to snack on nuts and seeds. This is also a good tip for home.

In all, I found moving to this style of eating and the intermittent fasting which meant eating during the period of an eight hour window during the day and refraining from eating for a 16 hour period, made me feel substantially better. And while, I had tried this at home, I never got far without reaching for the fridge. Here, it was much easier to manage and I am determined to keep up my healthier food regime and the healthy habits I’ve learned moving forward.

Similarly, the wellness retreat opened me up to new treatments that I found hugely restorative. This included starting my day with Active Yoga Flow which combines hatha/ vinyasa yoga style to boost and align energy while moving mindfully and building strength and flexibility. I followed this with a Signature Master Class in breathwork. Held in a divine room upstairs in the Wellness Spa, I found the lush green views from the windows incredibly peaceful and it was helpful to concentrate on the tranquility as I joined in on the group morning activities. I also took part in some of the creative activities and found myself drawing my very own ‘tree of life’ which brought out my own inner expression and was fun to do. The afternoon activities include Tai Chi but generally by that time of the day I was immersed in heavenly treatments in the Wellness Centre.

Another special feature for the Wellness Inclusive guest is you are guaranteed two treatments totalling 80 minutes every day during your stay. This is a big plus, added to which the therapists have gifted hands.

There is a huge array of detox therapies, and holistic wellbeing practices from sound healing to private yoga sessions. I particularly enjoyed the Lymphatic Detox session, and traditional Bamboo Rollout treatment, which reminded me of stone therapy only with bamboo. The 22 room spa area also includes facials, body wraps and massages.

The resort is incredibly peaceful and hard to fault. The only downside to the location is the high rise hotel next to the property which is unfinished and reportedly has been abandoned since COVID. However, it didn’t stop me having an incredibly rewarding experience. I came away feeling totally pampered and rested. Importantly, it gave me a chance to really focus on my health and enough time to realise the enormous health benefits of being more mindful about what I eat. I am already recommending TIA Wellness to my friends and family.

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By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team


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